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Subjugated Vault (activity)


Destiny 2





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The Nephilim, Kuiper Belt

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"In the Vault… there's a cell for everyone."

The Subjugated Vault is a location on the Nephilim. Known as a holy ground for the Weavers of Sorrow to test their strength and loyalties, it mainly acts as a prison for the enemies of Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker, where they are tortured, offered as tribute or fight each other for the Sorrow-Maker's amusement. It also lays host to the 6-Player activity of the same name.


Under the guidance of Eris Morn and Shin Malphur, the Guardian's learn of an ancient and dark sector aboard the Nephilim, where Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker, keeps his most hated foes. They are instructed to investigate the Subjugated Vault and defeat what ever powerful foes reside within before the Sorrow-Maker may claim them for tribute.


The Subjugated Vault functions similarly to the Prison of Elders activity in Destiny where players must defeat various foes through various randomly selected encounters. Each area within the. Nephilim has been "taken over" by their respective factions. If the encounter has Fallen, there are notable Fallen structures, if it has Cabal, there are parts of Cabal material scrap worked onto the floors and walls and if it were Taken, it would instead take place in the Ascendant Realm.

Each encounter has a specific goal one must complete and offers new sets of modifiers based on the active enemy faction in the encounter. Sometimes random encounters would appear shortly after completing the main encounters. These encounters would either kill respawning enemies until the time runs out or defeat powerful foes like Lightbearer Hive or Subjugators.

After completing four of the existing encounters, they must complete one of the many boss encounters. The boss has two randomly selected modifiers based on the enemy faction offering a greatly challenge for the boss.


  • Ether Temper — Fallen that are empowered by Servitors are enraged
  • Overclocked — Shanks of all kinds are faster, stronger and more aggressive.
  • Stasis Elites — Fallen Majors will appear wielding StasisS.png Stasis.
  • Trigger Finger — Fallen enemies fire faster.
  • Vipers' Immolation - Marauders will leave behind an area-of-denial poison effect upon death.
  • Kalrix's Temptation - Elite Fallen immediately gain heavy resilience and are able to throw Acid Bombs.
  • Wrathful — Hive Elites and Majors are Wrathborn and are more powerful.
  • Corruption's Wielders — Hive Majors will appear wielding CorruptionS.png Corruption.
  • Felled Ogres — Ogres are more common than other Hive.
  • Bladed Path — Hive melee units deal double damage.
  • Network's Surge — Radiolarian pools left by Fanatics now ArcS.png Jolt opponents.
  • Sol Division — Vex units teleport more sporadically.
  • Mind's Fury — Powerful Vex units get easily enraged.
  • Unforgiving Calculation — Melees from powerful Vex knock away enemies.
  • Domimus' Glory — Cabal enrage when nearing lower health.
  • Emperor's Reign — All Cabal units are stronger and do not flinch.
  • Zor's Wrath — Low ranking Cabal units are replaced by Elites and Majors.
  • Manifested Bitterness – Cabal units explode in a blast of StasisS.png Stasis.
  • Primeval Atrophy — Taken Majors will appear using StasisS.png Stasis and CorruptionS.png Corruption.
  • Blight Cornucopia — Taken encounters are fortified with more high ranking units.
  • Witness's Omnipotence — Acolyte Eyes occasionally appear and liter the battlefield.
  • Disciple's Grasp — Attacks from Taken melees temporarily blinds enemies.
  • Dark Detonation — Low ranking Scorn units now create Screeb explosions.
  • Baron's Threat — Chieftains can now summon all types of Ether Totems.
  • Will of Abominations — Scorn Abominations are more common than other Scorn.
  • Chilled Scorn — Screebs now create a burst of StasisS.png Stasis and will slow opponents.



  • Glimmer Extraction — Similar to the Glimmer Extraction Public Event, players must defeat Fallen crews that are attempting to Drill for Glimmer aboard the Nephilim. Four crews will spawn in with different waves, each appearing stronger than the last. One all crews are defeated, a Ransack Captain (House of Dusk), Stealer Captain (Jackal Syndicate), Stasis Wielding Captain (House of Salvation), or a Malevolent Votarist (House of Vipers) will appear and must be defeated to complete the encounter.
  • Fallen Pack — A pack of Fallen Vandals will appear and must be defeated. The hard hitting weapons and high durability of the Pack Vandals makes them tough adversaries and requires your attention to defeat. However, in an estranged homage to the Gorgons, when one Vandal is defeated, the other Vandals will gain heightened senses and boost to their damage output and durability.
  • Prisoner EscapeeFallen Escapees will appear in the area with no ping on the radar or the hud and must be found and defeated. Heavily armed and durable, they will commonly appear as Vandals, Servitors and rarely Heavy Shanks.
  • Splinter Mines — Much like any other Splinter Mine encounter, players must deactivate the mines before they explode and wipe everyone in the encounter. However in the vault's unique spin, enemies that stand in the ring, irregardless if the players are in the ring themselves, will continue the progress of the Splinter Mine and it is adamant to keep the enemies from entering into the circle.
  • Supply Run — Players must hunt down Fallen squads transmitting supplies. In order to stop the supply runs, players must down down the leading Supply Captain who had secretly stashed said supplies and destroy them.


  • Summoning Circle — This encounter works similarly to the Shadowrift encounter in Escalation Protocol, where players must shut down six Shadowrifts while keeping enemies from entering into the circle. As the circles shit down, the three Soulfire crystals will become available and Eyes of Summoning will appear to assault the players. To complete the encounter, players must destroy the crystals and the Eyes of Summoming
  • Death Coven — During this encounter, players must defeat three shielded Weaving Deathsingers before they finish changing their Liturgy of Ruin. In order to break their shields, they must defeat waves of Hive and obtain swords from Knights. The sword will only last until one of the Deathsinger's shields breaks, which will temporarily stop the liturgy so that players can kill the Deathsinger. The timer resets when a Deathsinger is killed and must be repeated until all Deathsingers are slain.
  • Totem Activation — Much like previous Annihilator Totem encounters before, players must stand below Hive totems before they wipe the team and fend off Hive from entering a circle. When too many Hive have entered a Totem, it will initiate the wipe, killing the team. Special Acolytes called Soothsayers will occasionally spawn in order to activate the totems. In order to complete the encounter, eight Soothsayers must be slain.
  • Weapon's Ritual — A group of Hive Knights known as Ballista Knights must be killed in order to stop a weapons summoning ritual to create a new arsenal for the Hive. These Knights will be shielded which can only be destroyed by Hive Cleavers that spawn after killing waves of Hive.
  • Hive Abomination — In this encounter, players must defeat a powerful Abomination Ogre that has high health, extreme durability and a plethora of abilities shared between Ogres. They are difficult to face because of their immense strength and power and Knockback of their Eye Blasts


  • Conflux Destruction — Conflux destruction works similarly to the Spire Integration Heroic Public events. However Vex will not sacrifice themselves to the Conflux and Guardians are required to stand in the Sync Plates that are scattered around the area as Vex begin to swarm the players. After activating the Sync Plates, a massive Conflux Hydra will spawn. Destroy the Hydra in order to complete the encounter.
  • Vex Legion — Vex legion acts as a wave based encounter in which a massive legion of Vex will appear to assault the players. It has a total of three waves, each wave possessing higher ranking Vex and Malignant variants in later waves.
  • Network Crash
  • Oracle Melody
  • Overmind Vex


  • War March
  • Beast Hunt
  • Tribute Bearers
  • Cabal Munitions
  • Psionic Disruption


  • Blight Corruption
  • Ascendant Wreckage
  • Primeval Punishment
  • Rift Expungement
  • Taken Assault


  • Ether Gluttons
  • Resonant Assembly
  • Trial of the Harvest
  • Egregore Severance
  • Call of the Scorn

Random Encounters[edit]

  • Lucent Brooding — During this random encounter, players must defeat groups of Lucent Hive in order to summon their commanding Lightbearer and defeat them. The Synaptic Spear relic will be available to pick up and use against the Lucent Hive to deal with them and their forces quickly.
  • Legion of Shadow — During this random encounter, players must defeat groups of Shadow Legion Cabal in order to summon their commanding Valus and defeat them. The Taken Essence relic will be available to pick up and use against the Shadow Legion to deal with them and their forces quickly.
  • Nephilim's Nightmares — During this random encounter, players must defeat groups of Nightmares in order to summon their commanding Nightmare and defeat them. The Nightmare Scythe relic will be available to pick up and use against the Nightmares to deal with them and their forces quickly.
  • Dread Onslaught — During this random encounter, players must defeat members of the Dread and summon in their commander and defeat them. The Resonant Shard relic will be available to pick up and use against the Witness's followers to deal with them and their forces quickly.
  • Vipers' Ambush - During this random encounter, players must defeat House of Vipers Fallen in order to summon their commanding Venomous Blades trio and defeat them. The Scorch Cannon relic will be available to pick up and use against the Vipers to deal with them and their forces quickly.
  • Headless Invasion — During this random encounter, players must defeat Headless Ones in order to summon in their commanding Headless Horror and defeat them. Headless Ones will summon in explosives upon death and use them against the Headless Horror in order to deal with them and their forces quickly.


  • Baron's Ambition"A powerful Fallen Baron has emerged from its cell. Put its suffering to an end."
  • Undying Legend"Shin'ra has issued the greatest challenge imaginable. Kill Randal the Vandal once and for all?"
  • Syndicate's Revenge"Jackal Syndicate engineers have assembled a massive war machine in an effort to escape. Bring the abomination down."
  • Splicers' Distress -"A distress call from the House of Vipers rings out across the system from the ship. Kill their commander to end it before it can be answered."
  • Witches' Lie"An old coven of Anziluu's Wizards seek to open a rift into the Ascendant Plane. Shut it down."
  • Shadow of Stasis"A Stasis empowered champion of Shin'ra has arisen and seeks to conquer the subjects of the vault."
  • Blade Unbroken"A Blade of Jolkris raises a challenge to everyone in the vault. Stake your own against him."
  • Virus of the Network"A Vex Mind has unleashed a powerful virus into the vault. Destroy it before the virus evolves."
  • Zegreon's Stratagem"The Rejected Mind of the Sol Divisive resides deep within the Vex territory. Destroy it and be richly rewarded."
  • Imperial Gluttony"The Loyalists have ascended a new champion. Do not let the Bather wreak havoc in the vault."
  • Golden Centurion"A Golden Legion Centurion seeks to release the vault's prisoners. Do not allow them to accomplish their task."
  • Recruitment Drive"A Neon Wraiths Technocrat is gathering Cabal to his dark cause. Destroy him and his supply of weapons."
  • Ascendant Unmaking"A powerful Taken has emerged in the Ascendant sector of the vault and seeks to Take its many prisoners."
  • Chieftain's Pride"Tauiisk seeks vengeance for their capture and hopes to fill the vaults with poisonous Dark Ether."
  • Shadow Thief"The undead scourge of the Hunters has arisen in the vault. Silence him before he marshals an army of Scorn."
  • Failed Congression"A raiding party plots their escape with the Maker's stolen treasures. End them as punishment."
  • The Dark Guard"A powerful Malgorian guard has been tasked with protecting the vault from intruders. Silence it."

Unique Enemies[edit]


Shank variants
Heavy Shank variants
Dreg variants
Wretch variants
Vandal variants
Marauder variants
Captain variants
Servitor variants


Thrall variants
Acolyte variants
Adherent variants
Knight variants
Vanquisher variants
Wizard variants
Ogre variants
Shrieker variants


Harpy variants
Goblin variants
Fanatic variants
Hobgoblin variants
Minotaur variants
Wyvern variants
Hydra variants
Cyclops variants


War Beast variants
Psion variants
Legionary variants
Phalanx variants
Incendior variants
Gladiator variants
Centurion variants
Colossus variants


Taken Thrall variants
Taken Acolyte variants
Taken Knight variants
Taken Wizard variants
Taken Ogre variants
Taken Vandal variants
Taken Captain variants
Taken Goblin variants
Taken Hobgoblin variants
Taken Minotaur variants
Taken Psion variants
Taken Phalanx variants
Taken Centurion variants


Screeb variants
Stalker variants
Ravager variants
Lurker variants
Raider variants
Wraith variants
Chieftain variants
Abomination variants

Random Encounter Enemies[edit]

Nightmare variants
Lucent Brood variants
Shadow Legion variants
Dread variants
House of Vipers variants
Headless One variants



House of Dusk
The Jackal Syndicate
House of Salvation
House of Vipers


Cult of Anziluu
Weavers of Sorrow
Blades of the Exiled


Sol Collective
Sol Divisive
Aphix Invasive


Red Legion
Golden Legion
Neon Wraiths


Weavers of Sorrow


Weavers of Sorrow
Created Congression





Standard Loot[edit]

Challenge Loot[edit]


Vault Curator Seal[edit]

  • Vault Executioner — Complete a run of the Subjugated Vault without dying on Legend.
  • Subjugated Triad — Complete a run of the Subjugated Vault with a fireteam of the same class.
  • Elemental Force — Complete a run of the Subjugated Vault with a fireteam using different elements.
  • Condemned Rampart — Complete 50 random encounters.
  • Unfettered Vanquisher — Complete a total of 100 encounters. Random encounters grant bonus progress, Final Bosses grant more progress and Challenges grant the most progress.
  • Pit Champion — Complete a Solo Flawless run of the Subjugated Vault on any difficulty.
  • Time's Up — Complete a run of the Subjugated Vault in 30 minutes.
  • Maker's Armorer — Aquire every weapon from the Subjugated Vault.
  • Defiler of Shin'ra — Complete of run of the Subjugated Vault with full set of Subjugated gear.
  • Interrogator's Chosen — Aquire the Interrogator Exotic Glaive.


  • Shin'ra"Welcome Light spawn to the Subjugated Vault. Impress me and mine court."
  • Shin'ra"You are here to kill mine prisoners of war. Good. I need the tribute."
  • Shin'ra"The Subjugated Vault awaits you Light spawn. But will you survive?"
  • Shin'ra"The Darkness of the Vault has called to you. And you have answered."
Fallen Encounter Opening
  • Shin'ra"Lost Barons and Primes await you in the crypt. Prove to them that you have conquered Kells."
  • Shin'ra"Pirates of a bygone era await your challenge Light spawn."
  • Shin'ra"Eliksni wielders of Darkness seek to prove themselves. Against you"
Hive Encounter Opening
  • Shin'ra"Hiveborn of Darkness await to quench their thirst on your Light."
  • Shin'ra"Dejects of Savathûn wish to wield your Light. Conquer them instead."
  • Shin'ra"Forgotten blades are pointed towards you and your Light."
Vex Encounter Opening
  • Shin'ra"Ancient Minds of the Vex await for you. Break their simulations."
  • Shin'ra""

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