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Maker's Bequest
Production overview


Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Scout Rifle/Shotgun (hybrid)

Intrinsic frame:

Rapid Fire Frame (Scout Rifle mode)
Pinpoint Slug Frame (Shotgun mode)

Min-max impact:


Min-max stability:


Min-max handling:


Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:

Primary ammo

Rate of fire:

260 RPM


CorruptionS.png Corruption
StrandS.png Strand (Shotgun mode, as of Season of the Witch)

Effective range:


Hidden stats

Aim assistance:






Bounce direction:


Service history

In service:



Weavers of Sorrow


"It will be forever eternal."
— Unknown

Maker's Bequest is an Exotic Corruption Scout Rifle/Shotgun hybrid that was first released in Season of Sorrow through its seasonal track. With the release of The Witch Queen expansion, the weapon would become craft-able with new sets of perks. Beginning in Season of the Witch, the Shotgun mode was added through its catalyst and does StrandS.png Strand damage.


  • Unmaker's Bound:
    • When firing from the hip, shots fired are poisonous bolts that track targets.

Intrinsic Trait Intrinsic Frame Barrel Bowstring Blade Haft Sight Magazine Arrow Guard Perk 1 Perk 2 Stock Grip Origin Catalyst

Fluted Barrel (Original Perk) Flared Magwell (Original Perk) Maker's Legacy (Kills with this weapon while aiming down sights has a chance to create a cloud of poison that damages targets over time. Effective against BarrierS.png Barrier Champions) Composite Stock (Original Perk)
Polygonal Rifling Ricochet Rounds Fitted Stock
Chambered Compensator Armor-Piercing Rounds Hand-Laid Stock
Corkscrew Rifling High-Caliber Rounds Short-Action Stock
Smallbore Steady Rounds


The quest to obtain the catalyst for Maker's Bequest wouldn’t be unlocked until Season of the Witch, which could only be obtained by completing a certain challenge within the Temple of Exultation Raid by using the Maker's Bequest to destroy certain objects across the raid and upon reaching the final boss room must find the last of these destructible objects and acquire the catalyst.

The catalyst, once completed, will grant an additional perk:

  • Cataclysm:
    • Cataclysm stacks are acquired from hip fire kills, which allow the weapon to swap into its fast firing shotgun mode which that is effective against UnstoppableS.png Unstoppable Champions. Unmaker's Bound creates larger poison explosions and longer lasting clouds



"There is so much work yet to be done."

"The Makers that failed to succeed me have tarnished my legacy. Xyor. Enkaar."

"Failures. Heretics. Apostates. All of them."

"Xyor. The Betrothed, the Unwed. She could not let go of that which she held onto. And so she was consumed by the Unmaking."

"Enkaar. The formerly Anointed. Spread his influence too far. His plans were undone."

"They could never I stand the truth that is Perfection Eternal."

"It is not something that is to be given form. It is a thought one must achieve."

"That is Perfection Eternal. Not what these blasphemers dictate it to be."

"I will ensure that that everything they have built shall be unmade."

"I. The True Sorrow-Maker decree it."



  • It is believed that the message left in the lore of Maker's Bequest comes straight from The True Sorrow Maker himself.

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