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Cult of Anziluu


Serve Anziluu, the Ravenous
Preserve the Weave of Fate
Defend the Realm of Apocrypha


Xaniith, Daughter of Anziluu
Kamuul, Daughter of Anziluu
A'zoth, the Defiler


Realm of Apocrypha
Witch's Entropy
Court of Savathûn (formerly)
Abhorrent Singularity


"The Hive here, they're not like other Hive, like fanatically ritualistic. They keep calling out a signal with three syllables, over and over. An… Zi… Luu…"

The Cult of Anziluu is a collective force that serve the Hive God of Truth and Fate, Anziluu, the Ravenous. Though primarily the Hive servants of Anziluu, forces of Fallen, Cabal, Taken, Scorn and even Humans have been allured to the infinite knowledge of the Cult's domain, the Realm of Apocrypha. Members of the Cult are distinguishable by their bright blue and pearl white coloration.



The organization of the Cult of Anziluu appears to be largely unchanged from the standards set down by Oryx, the Taken King in the Books of Sorrow, with a hierarchy of powerful Knights and Wizards leading groups of Acolytes and Thralls, and their patron god, in this case Anziluu, the Ravenous, holding absolute authority. Even the Worms and the tithe system remain in place, however they seem to not be worshiped by the Hive and are only seen as a means to their ultimate goal. Unlike other broods, their goal is to achieve "absolute insight" and use the power of knowledge as a means to endlessly feed.

Forces of both Light and Dark serve within the Cult, along with various races like Fallen, Cabal, Taken and Scorn. They also employ both Lightbearers of Humanity and the Hive, the latter were converted to serve the ideals of the Sword Logic. One of the likely reasons as to why is because of the near infinite knowledge that exists in Apocrypha, and most that seek out the knowledge of Anziluu are driven mad or swear themselves into servitude of the Hive Prince as the Scribes of Anzû. The Scrying Factotum are a subdivision within the Cult that act as the defenders and workers that reside within the Throne World of Anziluu, Apocrypha. However, it would appear that only the higher ranking generals are pure Hive while the legions they command are Hive constructs imbued with Soulfire to give them a sense of sentience.


Fate Weavers
Anziluu's Emissaries
Scribes of Anzû
Scrying Factotum

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  • The Hive of the Cult use the same models of the Lucent Brood.


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