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Current of Fate is a series of Lore books only accessible in the Realm of Apocrypha. It is a collection of logs from various Scribes of Anzû which details their journeys to subjugation to the Hive God of Truths and Fate, Anziluu, the Ravenous.

Akriniks I[edit]

Akriniks II[edit]

Akriniks III[edit]

Darrik I[edit]

Darrik II[edit]

Darrik III[edit]

Gor'augh I[edit]

Gor'augh II[edit]

Gor'augh III[edit]

Terra Shu I[edit]

Terra Shu II[edit]

Terra Shu III[edit]

Abaarhis I[edit]

Abaarhis II[edit]

Abaarhis III[edit]