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Abaarhis, Chieftain of Sorrow
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Abaarhis, Chieftain of Sorrow is a Scorn Chieftain and former member of the House of Rain who would come into supplication in the Cult of Anziluu by a Hive tome. He is considered to be the leader of the Scribes of Anzû.


Life on Riis[edit]

Abaarhis was once one of the ancient Scribes of the House of Rain and created the prophecies. However, unlike the prophecies of the Kell of Kells, he made the prophecy of the coming Whirlwind, the abandonment of their Great Machine and the coming of a great "Shadow King." Many believed that he was driven insane, calling him the Mad Prophet, only for his so-called delusions to be proven true when the Black Fleet arrived, followed by the assault of the Taken King, Oryx.

Abaarhis took with him what he could after Riis fell, chasing the Traveler across the stars to make even further prophecies. Unlike the other members of his House, he would be stopped by the Awoken within the Reef, destroying his Ketch and killing Abaarhis in the process.

Life as Scorn[edit]

Shortly after the Scorn Breakout of the Prison of Elders, Abaarhis's body would be recovered and resurrected as a Scorn by Fikrul, the Fanatic. He was bestowed by Fikrul a Void Staff, similar to that of Fanatic's but it possessed a crystal of Void Light which was taken from Hiraks, the Mindbender's collection of Hive artifacts.

Seeing that he was given a second chance at life, Abaarhis would use the Void crystal, a connection to their once Great Machine, to understand even further prophecies. He would take hold of the Kell's Ruin to conduct his own experiments, taking the title of The Alchemist for himself.

The Boundless Tome[edit]

Though he would continue to see new prophecies, a dark presence became to cloud Abaarhis's insight, the very Void crystal within his staff that been corrupted by the Hive God of Truths and Fate, Anziluu, the Ravenous. The whispers from the God of Fate would drive the Alchemist mad, sacrificing Scorn in supplication to the Hive Prince as tribute.

Eventually a grand sacrifice would be made to the Hive Prince deep within the Hall of the Exalted of the Jetsam of Saturn. Anziluu bequeathed to the Alchemist an ancient tome, "Writings of a Mad God," a storybook with a tale similar to that of Abaarhis's own life. Now enthralled to Anziluu's will, the Alchemist would become the Chieftain of Sorrow and the first of the Scribes of Anzû.

Scribe of Anzû[edit]

Acting as the leader of the Scribes of Anzû, Abaarhis would serve Anziluu's every whim, preserving the Weave of Fate by making the furture less predictable outside of the Realm of Apocrypha. He would also help his master lure other entities to be enthralled by offering them more of Anziluu's ancient tomes and manuscripts.

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