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Kamuul, Daughter of Anziluu
Biographical information

Other names:

Weaver (Hive translation of name)
The Allotter




Cult of Anziluu




Deathsinger Wizard



Combat information


ArcS.png Darkness Blast
Hymn of the Allotter
Invincible Aura
High Durability
KineticS.png Hive Melee
Summon Hive


"Xaniith, she who spins the Weave of Fate. Her sister Kamuul holds the end of the thread. Their father, Anziluu, is the one who cuts it."

Kamuul, Daughter of Anziluu is one of Anziluu, the Ravenous's two daughters, created after some time after the War against the Ecumene. She along with her sister Xaniith, Daughter of Anziluu, help their father to spin, allot and cut the Weave of Fate.


Daughters of Fate[edit]

Kamuul and her sister Xaniith were created shortly after the war against the Ecumene and the gifting of Quria, Blade Transform to Savathûn, the Witch Queen. Kamuul was the more chaotic and temperamental sister compared to her calm and collective sister. Anziluu would make her the Allotter as she would hold and measure the end of the Weave of Fate as her sister spun the thread and their father would be the one to cut the strings.

When Quria was sent into the Ecumene's black hole, Anziluu ordered his Daughters to understand and study the Dreaming Mind and potentially see an end to their Worm's hunger. Kamuul made the observation of the black hole's time altering properties and believed and had tasked one of the Hive to enter and feed, only for their worm to increase in tribute and kill their host. Undeterred, the Daughters used their studies of the black hole to create their own, named the Abhorrent Singularity as a testing ground for their own experiments.

Arrival into Sol[edit]

At an unknown point during the Red War, Kamuul and Xaniith would move the Abhorrent Singularity into Sol, hiding it from interlopers with ancient Hive hexes.

When the Black Fleet returned to Sol, the Daughters took an interest into the Nine, dark matter entities and the living consciousnesses of the Solar bodies of the system. They would use the eyes of their grandmother and study the Nine. They in turn would begin to convert the Singularity into a faux form of the Nine Realms.

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