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The Venomous Blade


Diviks, the Poisonous Claw
Sniviks, Viper Baroness
The Ensnaring Fang


Season of the Vipers


The Venomous Blades are a elite sect belonging to the Fallen House of Vipers, empowered by Hive magics that are capable of inflicting poisonous corruption. They are seen mostly in the Sabotage and the Infiltration activities. Guarding high-ranking leaders and commanding some of the Fallen loyal to the Viper banner. They are identifiable by their heavily modified black and Dark green armors with Hive ornaments outfitted on them.


Unique Forces[edit]


  • The Venomous Blade units are named after Genera members of the Viperinae and the Crotalinae subfamilies of the Venomous Vipers.

List of Appearances[edit]