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Terminator Shank
Biographical Information




Heavy Shank


The Jackal Syndicate
House of Lions


Siege Engine
Security Proxy


Kell's Wrath Target: Terminator Shanks
Den of the Disgraced

Combat information


Void Rotary Cannons (Suppressor)
Solar Flamethrowers (Flamer)
Arc Grenade Launchers (Assault)


High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Thruster Concussion Blast
Drop Energy Core
Elemental Absorption shields
Self Repair (Raid)
Suppressive Nanotech (Suppressor)
Invisibility Tech (Suppressor)
Scorch Aura (Flamer)
Blaze Missiles (Flamer)
Place Web Mines (Assault)
Frontal Shield (Assault)

"I... wow... color me impressed with these. I can't believe there's so much tech baked into these things and they still operate as efficient war machines! What a shame they aren't mine... Take them out."

The Terminator Shanks are massive Heavy Shank imbued and enhanced by various tech used by the different races of the Solar System. Built to serve as powerful, automated war machines, they are primarily used to defend the The Jackal's Den within the Manhattan Nuclear Zone.

Later on, Many Jackal deserters would join the House of Lions, because of this, the Terminator Shanks would be assimilated into the Lion Ranks, mostly the Flamer Variants of the Terminator Shanks. However, the use of these would be more so used for Heavy Assault Units or Security to High-Important Figures or Important Supplies. They can also be seen in use for Gladiator battles and challenges within the House.


These Shanks are seen in their own aptly named Adventure and in the Den of the Disgraced Raid. They are basically the same except the Adventure variants are slightly more resilient, while the Raid variants drop the charges required to power the different elemental Cannons. There are 3 archetypes of the Shank:

Suppressor Terminator[edit]

"Wait...Skorvik come here! What is that tech inside that Shank?!" "It look like SIVA! Destroy it now, Guardian!"
Joskaa, Lion Kell and Skorvik examining the Suppressor Shank

These Heavy Shanks are coursing with a heavily modified form of SIVA with the ability to negate Light-based abilities. Much like that of a basic Heavy Shank, this variant utilizes Void Rotary Cannons which can quickly sunder a Guardian's health and a Void Absorption shield to protect it. Following it is an aura which swarms with SIVA nanites capable of sticking to a Guardian and suppress their abilities such as their Grenades, Melee, and Super abilities. They also utilize Cloaking technology, which they use when close to death to retreat and self repair. Once killed, they drop Void Elemental charges, which makes Null Cannons.

Flamer Terminator[edit]

"Wait, do you see the flora around that thing? It’s all withering- no, burning. Stay clear of that thing!"
— A Lion scout discovering a Flamer

These Heavy Shanks are burning with heat coming from their A.I. Cortex. They utilize Flamethrowers which coat their foes in a fire which can quickly sunder health and a Solar Absorption shield to protect it. It emits a Burning field which can slowly chip at shields and make the player more susceptible to outside damage. They also launch Blaze Missiles, which they fire when their targets are behind cover. Direct hits from these Missiles can devastate the target's health, and leave behind a burning area-of-denial which negates cover. Once destroyed, they drop Solar Elemental charges, which makes Scorch Cannons.

Assault Terminator[edit]

"Hold the line! There has to be a break in it... I hope there is a break in the line."
Magnusk and his forces dealing with Assault Terminators firsthand

These Heavy Shanks are armed with various weapons and tech which it uses to set up defensive perimeters and press enemy lines. They utilize Grenade Launchers which quickly fires arcing Grenades with a devastating explosion and a large blast radius, and an Arc Absorption shield to protect it. It deploys Web Mines which immediately detonate when a player activates it. They also utilize a Frontal Shield when threatened with death; this shield can be depleted by concentrated gunfire. Once destroyed, they drop Arc Elemental charges, which makes Shock Cannons.


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