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Skorvik, Siege Professor
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Eliksni homeworld





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Political and military information


House of Devils (formerly)
House of Lions (currently)


Rising Archon (formerly)
Siege Professor


Splicer Captain (speculated)

Notable info:

A former Archon Rising for the House of Devils, Head scientist of the Lions, Leader of the Lion Splicers


Skorvik is the lead scientist for the House of Lions. He was the former Rising Archon to the House of Devils.


Once a Rising Archon for the House of Devils, Skorvik had a major friendship with one of the House of Devils' Splicer, and the two help each other during scavenging parties, but one day, before the destruction of Sepiks Prime, possibly before the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Skorik left the Devils, as well as leaving his friend on bitter terms. After leaving the Devils, he stolen a King Skiff, to find a new purpose for his life, later to find the House of Lions, thanks to tech skills and prowlness, enter the rank of a Splicer, later he would take up the mantle of a Siege Professor, meaning he was the head scientist of the House, and would be the commander of the Lion Splicers. He would accept the rank, and becomes the Siege Professor for the Lions.

Rise of Iron[edit]

Before the SIVA Crisis, Skorik would get a familiar signal secretly return to Earth, after finding the signal location, only to find his former friend in horror, seeing him corrupted of a unknown Nano-substance, Refusing his friend's offer in rejoining His old House and become with the substance. Kovik would send his friend back with a small vial of SIVA. During a month, after the Crisis, he would lead in the production in making Taken-infused armor and weapons. As well as a cure and a counter-measure for SIVA.