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Den of the Disgraced


Destiny 2


Jackal's Labyrinth



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Manhattan Nuclear Zone, Earth


Seek out Seriviks, Jackal Kell and assassinate her.

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The Den of the Disgraced is a Raid located within the crumbling ruins of old Manhattan and the subterranean underground where the Jackal Syndicate's den lies and where their commander, Seriviks, Jackal Kell, directs her followers.


The Jackal's Den, a.k.a, the Den of the Disgraced, is the base of operations for the Jackal Syndicate which lies below the ruins of New York within the North American Empire. It contains many different sectors with different tasks, with once sector in charge of housing, another, weapons development, another treasure and trinket storage, another, a temple for docking and undocking Fallen, and, of course, a throne for their ruthless leader, Seriviks, Kell of Jackals. Each sector is connected by a railed transit network, as well as hijacked Metro rail systems. The place is heavily secured by both Fallen and repurposed Human automata, as well as various Fallen barrier checkpoints and overridden Human security systems.

After winning battle by battle, Joskaa, Lion Kell ordered his men to find the Jackal's Den within the ruins of Manhattan, Earth. However, after facing severe opposition and taking many casualties, Joskaa's men were forced to retreat. With this failed attack, Joskaa ordered the Guardian to gather a Fireteam and Raid the Den in which they and a another helpful group of Fallen led by Magnusk, Lions' Wrath, they finally was able put an end to his bloodthirsty and vengeful sister once and for all, killing or destroying anyone or anything standing in their way.


Break the Barrier[edit]

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Maksis, the Sharp-Tongued[edit]

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Flee the Servitor![edit]

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Semkis-0, the Devourer[edit]

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Infiltrate the Temple[edit]

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Seriviks, Jackal Kell[edit]

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