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Biographical information






The Jackal Syndicate






Kell's Wrath Target: Samnite
Den of the Disgraced



Combat information


Arc Spear
Shock Grenades (Special)


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Dodge Roll
Suppression Field
Electrocution Blast
Adaptive Shield Barrier
Shield Generator Repair
Summon Ordinance Shank (Adventure)
Drop Charges (Raid)


"Do. Not. Underestimate. Them. They may appear like the meek Wretches, but, let me just tell you this about them: they are the embodiment of the phrase, "looks can be deceiving". I keep losing ambitious troops to these... Samnites"

Samnites are Fallen Wretches seen bearing powerful tech which they use to ensure close-quarters combat with their enemies. Due to this, they use powerful Arc Spears, paired with their strength and tech, which can devastate a Guardian's health.


Samnites are armed with an Arc Spear capable of instantly killing a player if they have low enough power and a shield barrier which makes them invulnerable to gunfire. When prompted, these warriors can be extremely agile, constantly ducking and weaving through bullet-fire. They also carry a Suppression Field which can negate Light-based abilities and weaponry. When hit by a melee attack, they will shut off their shield to activate an Electrocution Blast, which can instantly kill anyone caught in it's vicinity. To halt this blast and allow damage, players must concentrate fire on the generator on the Samnite's back. Once done so, the players can damage the Samnite; however, the Raid can still attack players. They will also activate an Adaptive Shield, which blocks enemy fire where it is strongest and detects oncoming explosives. These shields can be depleted by gunfire. There are two variants: the Adventure variant, which is more resilient to damage and larger, but has a longer charge time for it's Electrocution Blast and is staggered by an explosive charge dropped by an Ordinance Shank. While the Raid variant cannot be staggered by losing it's Shield Generator and drops marked charges required to escape Semkis-0, the Devourer, but is more susceptible to damage and are smaller.


  • Their name is based off a variant of the real gladiators seen in Ancient Rome, distinguished by their helmets, shields and weaponry. These same qualities can be seen in the Fallen Samnite:
    • Their ornate helmets with the appearance of 2 eye sockets (despite the Fallen's 4 eyes) and a "feathered" crest atop of it.
    • Their short range weaponry (the real gladiator's shortsword and the Fallen's Spear).
    • Their greaves which provides secondary protection (the gladiator's secondary shield and arm protection and the Fallen's access to their personal shield).
    • Their rectangular shields as primary protection (the gladiator's personal shield and the Fallen's back-up shielding used to defend itself while it repairs.

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