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Heavy Turret
Production information


The Jackal Syndicate

Technical specifications







Other system(s):

Summon Fallen
High Durability
Target Lock
Charge Failsafe Disintegration Field
Lock Target
Summon Terminator Shanks
Summon Cannon Engineer
Jam Security Sequence Map
Energy Shielding
Overheat Blast
Sequence Failsafe Malfunction


Reinforced Armor Plating


Dual Heavy Cannons
Missile Pod
Disintegration Field


Hijacked A.I. System



Security Proxy
Checkpoint Defender


The Jackal Syndicate


Heavy Turrets are massive defensive auto-turrets which were once used to monitor and maintain order over a certain area within the city. These turrets would later be hijacked, repurposed and modified by the Jackal Syndicate to guard their den and base-of-operations, the Den of the Disgraced, hidden deep within the bowels of the Manhattan Nuclear Zone.


"Stay strong!...HOLD your GROUND troops!"
Magnusk warning about the Heavy Turrets

These turrets only spawn during the 'Break the Barrier' encounter of the Den of the Disgraced Raid, where they attempt to neutralize the trespassing Guardian Fireteam and keep them from the entrance of the den with their various assortment of weaponry and tech at their disposal. These turrets were originally equipped with a pair of heavy-caliber Cannons capable of firing thick slugs with an explosive payload, capable of slaying a Guardian with a few consecutive hits. Strapped to their back is a Fallen missile launcher, which they'll either orient to fire rapidly tracking rockets or rain death upon their enemies behind cover. Over time, these turrets will also charge up their Failsafe Disintegration Field to wipe the team if they are taking too long to make a move. These turrets will also be protected by a barrier, which must be neutralized to damage the turret, which is protected by 2 sources of varying elemental power. Once the shield is destroyed, the turret will attempt to obliterate the side one fell swoop with it's Overheat Blast. These turrets can be destroyed by concentrated gunfire, but a matching elemental cannon to their overheating core can quickly destroy them. However, due to these turrets ties to the security network, an incorrect turret destroyed can result in a wipe.


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