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Joskaa, Equalist Kell.jpg
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Joskaa, the Open-Minded
The Crimson Wolf
Joskaa, Burning Blade
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Joskaa, Splicer Kell
The Dreamer of Distant Hopes
Joskaa, Piano Kell
The Heretic Kell (titled by The Jackal Syndicate)
Kell of Freelance
Kell of Lions
VIP #5445
Kell of Storm (House Storm)
Josk (The Spider)


Unknown, born around the time of the Long Drift






At least identical to the Kell Echo's height

Eye color:


Political and military information


House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Winter (formerly)
House of Scar (formerly)
House of Kings (formerly)
House of Lions (currently)





Notable info:

Hero of the Gray Wars
Kell of the House of Lions
An Ally of AJ, the Relentless
One of the First Kells to call for neutrality to Humanity

Destiny 1
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Biographical information


House of Lions

Combat information


Lions' End


Modified Shrapnel Launcher
Web Mines


Initial Immunity
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Ultra Smash
Scorch Shielding
High Servitor Bonds
Electric Override
Poison Effect
Burning Effect
Ether Intoxication

Joke Boss
Joskaa, Piano Kell
Biographical information


Meme Squad

Combat information


Shrapnel Launcher


Piano slam
Summon The F*cking Door
Glitch Slam
Summon Piano
Summon Piano classes
Wipe Fireteam
Return Fireteam to Orbit

Destiny 2
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Josk (updated).png
Biographical information


House of Lions

Combat information


Shrapnel Launcher
Web Mines
Snare Grenades
Dual Lion's Pride


High Durability
Summon Fallen
Thick Solar Absorption shield
Rapid Shield Regen
Drone Shielding
Andiks Minor Bond
Ultra Smash
Void Energy Meltdown
Throw Web Mine


"Remember Guardian, not all Kells are cruel and ruthless, like the ones, you've sought them out to be, yes?"

Joskaa, Lion Kell (formerly known as Joskaa, the Open-Minded and Joskaa, Burning Blade) is a Fallen freelancer, who becomes the Kell of the House of Lions. He is the first Kell to ally with the Reef and later, The Last City.


Early Life

"My life was a bit different, than any other Eliksni I met, My mother was a outside medic, so thanks to the Whirlwind, my mother would take care many of the whirlwind-injured, and would give out her services to any Fallen House, who were willing to do so."
— Joskaa's Journal

During the aftermath of the chaotic Whirlwind, which caused the collapse of the Eliksni civilization and resulted in them fighting over the remains of Riis and the Long Drift, Joskaa was born within the House of Wolves, under a small family, and was the son of Skolas, the Rabid and Feeshsaa, a House of Scar member whom would became a Freelance Medic. He, along with his sister and their generation of young Eliksni were deemed to be unlucky due to not living within Riis under the Traveler. But was told by his mother and sister of stories about their civilization and the Great Machine. As He gotten older, Him and his family would abandoned the Wolves, as they traveled by themselves across the stars, helping out other traveling Houses such as the House of Winter, House of Scar, and the House of Kings. As he grew up, Joskaa would befriended many younger Eliksni along the way such as Grayvis, Magnusk, and Atrykis, as well as their mother courting a House of Kings Captain known as Julsis. Eventually, Joskaa's family would later encounter the House of Lions, and helped formed Joskaa's crew of Freelancers and Fallen who accepted their call.

Living with the Lions

"I was part of House of Wolves, Winter, Scar, then Kings and now, the Lions, my history with the other houses were...(how should I say this)..okay, but here is way better."
— Joskaa's Journal, Chapter 3

When Fesshsa was contacted by Yorvik, the Kell of the legendary House of Lions, due to their war with the House of Sky, Joskaa would once again move, but this time into the asteroid belt of an unknown Star System. he would be able to have his own area, no longer living under the supervision of his parents, he would help his father, or his sister, (since she was a Captain now), or take care of his younger brother, who now finally carry a rank of the Fallen hierarchy. Joskaa would meet with some of the younger Lions, and would form his own crew, and then become a Freelancer. He would then be hired by one of Lions to kill a Sky commander. Confident, Joskaa would lead his crew to take back the captured base and kill the commander. After their completed work, Joskaa would take multiple bounties and would lead his crew to success, as well as earning many rewards, such as: earning a themselves a hideout, a High Servitor, even stealing a massive Ketch, for themselves. Eventually, getting the attention of Yorvik, who asked Joskaa to capture Raviks Prime, which Joskaa agreed, he then led the team into Sky territory, fighting off enemies, and deactivating some of their security, eventually facing off the Raniks, but despite their forces and weaponry, the team was able to defeat and capture the Prime, depriving House Sky of a Prime Servitor, earning the rewards from Yorvik. Joskaa then led his crew to more battles, while being paid by their employers. During in one of their adventures, Joskaa would encounter his old friend, Grayria, whose ship was broken and stranded. Joskaa would then help Grayria, only for it to back fired, as it was unknown what happen to Winter, as they had left their former location. She would then instead join Joskaa, in hopes of finding the House of Winter.

Becoming a Kell

"He is young and reckless for a Kell. But is ambitious and hopeful as well. Perhaps enough to save our remaining civilization if under my guidance."
— one of the many House of Judgment messages, sent by Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper to Variks

Later in the Gray Wars, Joskaa and his crew would accompanying in Yorvik's assault over the House of Sky's lair, combined with the forces of the entire Lion fleet, the Kell of Lions, would ambush the Fallen Sky with immediate force, destroy their lair, and killed the House of Sky's Kell. Finally temporarily ending the Gray Wars. Joskaa and his family; along with his crew, would participate in the celebration of the House Gray's defeat. However, before Joskaa's family would leave, they would receive word of Yorvik's death, by the hand of the, supposedly, broken House of Sky. Causing Joskaa to stay to help his crew with the incident, while the Lions, in disarray; as the position to be crowned as the Kell of Lions, would go between three nobles: Tarviks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skeklos, the Prowling. However during the course of this skirmish, Skeklos would beat his competitors, and take the crown, over his rule, many of the Lions would suffer, while the nobility of the House would be more powerful and grow their power over their House. This led to Joskaa investigating in Skeklos's past in hopes of digging up dirt to overthrow him; Joskaa would find out that Skeklos had a part in the death of Yorvik, by helping supply the Fallen Sky to assassination of the Lion Kell. This led to Joskaa forming a rebellion, with the full support of most of the Lions' members, including Grayvis, his friend and future lover and Andiks-5, his High Servitor. Joskaa would attack the forces of the Lion nobility, and enter in the throne room of Skeklos's Ketch, facing him, he would only drive off the corrupted leader out bay, and chase after Skeklos's Ketch, ending up in a hidden facility of the House of Sky, known as: the Prison of Scars. There Joskaa would face the corned Skeklos, and the Warden of the Prison, he would kill both them, and detonate the Prison, causing the Fallen Sky to be trapped inside. Joskaa would return to Lions, attempting to restore their leadership and strength. He would become the new Kell of Lions to lead them, with the help of Divhoris, the House of Judgment scribe for the House of Lions, Grayria, who would become his consort and become the "Queen of Lions". As well as a newly formed council of representatives of the House to help with Joskaa's leadership. As for his family, they would earn new roles, his mother becoming the chief of the Lions' medical force, Seriviks would become the House Archon, As for Julsis, they would become Barons.

Allying The Last City

"We cannot continue with fighting the Humans, and their city. What we...they...we, did in the past is wrong. They did not deserve more suffering that we have given the, after their own-Whirlwind has broke their civilization. The rest of the Kells proclaimed that we were "denied", by the City; that's because we had attacked them rather than speaking to them."
— Joskaa speaking to his brethren

Meeting AJ, the Relentless

"You must be a Guardian, yes?"
"Then allow me to introduce you to myself, I am Joskaa, Kell to House Lions, you must be-"
AJ, welcome to House Lions!"
— Joskaa welcoming AJ


"You see me as a traitor, Dreg-Kell, Mad...I am not mad, Skolas was mad, and yet you choose to follow him, didn't you?, and look where that end up, I am not traitor, I choose this path, so that my House can survive. Houses must survive yes?, or all will fall."
— Joskaa

Further Adventures

Crusades of the Jackals

Return of the Forgotten Sibling

"I never told You this, but that was my sister who've done this. She, (how should I say this)...we didn't left on good terms unfortunately, and now my past has come to haunt me, this time with a full force behind her as well. So, as usual, just stop them, should be simple...and capture my sister, will ya? So this mess can be squashed."
— Joskaa, speaking to The Guardian upon the discovery of Seriviks

Vengeance against Dakiliss

"Dakiliss...I thought she would be gone forever...She was one of my targets during the Gray Wars, but we never found her, but the time to kill her is NOW!, kill her and avenge Yorvik..."
— Joskaa


Season of the Relentless

The Arrival of the Pyramids

Beyond Light

"I've been getting reports of few abandoning the House to join old Eramis's Empire, and they call me desperate?"
— Joskaa, upon hearing the House of Salvation

During the events of Beyond Light, Joskaa picks up news of Eramis and the House of Salvation, along with the defection of numerous Fallen into Salvation from other Houses, including the Lions, leading the Kell to place few bounties on few Salvation commanders in retaliation. Along with him attempting to send Lion scouts into Europa for any secrets in relation to Clovis Bray and the Deep Stone Crypt, as well as him keeping watch of Grayvis, and the soon arrival of his hatchlings.

Season of the Emperors

"Atrykis was once one of House Lions' Barons...and was one of my closest friends, but he was too caught up with restoring the Eliksni Golden Age in his way, and thought my alliance with you is getting in the way, I was able to defeat him. But, he has came back...this time with an army, a House! we have been doing a lot, we must take out his lieutenants and operations, and bring the whole House down like a stack of cards..."
— Joskaa, speaking about the rising House of Emperors.

Season of the Vipers

"In the end, Joskaa, you are nothing more than just a Dreg, living under the cowl of a Kell." "What I am doing is for my House, for my People. It's better than throwing yourself uselessly to reclaim something that doesn't care for you anymore in a way you used to think." "Oh, I'm not attempting to do that Joskaa, I have another ploy, something that will be on it's hour...when you are off your Throne." "You can try...But I won't give up my Throne to you." "Give up? Oh no, I meant DESTROYING IT!"
— Confrontation between Joskaa and Kalrix.

Season of Mayhem

"Hold on, your telling me she was raised by sis? Huh, no wonder why her tactics looked familiar. Well, she's a problem now. One we will have to solve again."
— Joskaa, Speaking about Mazivas, the foster daughter of Seriviks, and the leader of the rising gang, known as: Anarchy's Children.

Season of Storm

"Hey Disaraaskian, remember the House of Storm, the one that we took down and I claimed control over it?...well they have broke away from my rule, and is led by Zavriks, a former Sky Baron. Yet, I wonder why doesn't he join me in my plan of restoring them into the House of Sky? Hm..."
— Joskaa, speaking about Zavriks, and the rebelling House Storm Fallen.


"Even though Joskaa is seen as a benevolent leader, something that most Kells are not known for. He can be just as deadly as a Kell should be...if provoked."

Joke boss

Fighting me, in this form, is so unstable, you might need a therapist, or remove the Destiny game and buy a new game, or just figure out, how to push me off the platform, or leave me alone. In battle I use a normal Shrapnel Launcher, and throw pianos, which will immediately kill you, if you in it's way, and I'm immune to any attack damage. When getting close, I summon a Piano that will crush you in your direction, and if your still alive, I will then teleport you to the glitch door, that blocked you to Felwinter's Lie. Or will do a ultra slam, that will crash your game, like the Divinity glitch, and the Beaver glitch. When I get bored, I will do a yawn and clap my hands, that will either, kill all of you, or take you to orbit. Which will immediately take you to the Tower, where the Postmaster, will give a box of Twinkies, that has Eliksni writing, that says: "Sorry for your troubles, here". That will give a complete immunity to damage, in the Crucible, until your game crash. Unlock the hidden achievement: WTF?!?, as well as a Emblem, known as: WTF????.

Destiny 2


Personality and traits

"He's not like the Kells we've faced before, maybe there is more good in the Fallen that we've ever believed."

Unlike most Kells or other Fallen, Joskaa is more friendlier and fair to both his House and allies alike, seeking to end the feud between The Last City and his kind, as well as being ambitious to fix his people's mistakes they've committed in their bid to reclaim the Great Machine. Although, he blames the nobility and Kells whom war against the City instead of speaking to them first or in questioning the Great Machine, but this is because of his youth, as he was not born on Riis, nor seen the events of the Whirlwind that made the Fallen into pirates and thieves, thus causing many of the Eliksni to turn their backs on him, even to the point of betraying him, such as causing his one of his allies, his friend, and even his own sister to turn against him. But while his words angered the many of his kind, it did however caught the attention of many of the younger and more hopeful Eliksni, being inspired to his beliefs and ways in ending the Never-Ending Siege.

However, despite Joskaa's kindness and his seemingly pacifist ways, he can also show signs of cruelty and anger, only to those who either provokes him or betraying him and attack his House and family. Showing no mercy, he places bounties on any of their heads and alerts Guardians or Fallen to hunt the perpetrators down. Even preforming reverse-docking, the act of cutting the upper limbs, as punishment to traitors who wish to join back his House. However, this showing of anger can be soften sometimes by either his love ones, such as Grayria, or his mind taken off of the subject.

He is also known for his fondness with Humanity's culture, even adopting some of their ideals, such as him following a few rules from Confucianism, and his love for Earth food and trinkets, such as worn or remains of Trophies from Motorsport racing from Earth's old past before the Golden Age. He even has a Exo as one of his consorts. Which breaks certain traditions of his kind, but does so anyway. Going against his people's old ways.

Joskaa is also known to have a love for tech, such as even tinkering with some scavenged tech from other species, and attends to his High Servitor, Andiks-5. Even taking some tech from other Fallen factions to be put to use for his own personal gains or for his House. Such as using Brigs and Black Armory tech, even using SIVA at some times. He is also known to grafting some tech to his body, although not majorly like Taniks or Aksis to the point of becoming a machine. Due to this, His love for machines compares him to a Fallen Splicer, or a Archon, although he does not mind though.


  • It is noted that Joskaa broke the fourth wall a couple of times in his dialog.
  • Before Joskaa became the Kell of Lions, it was said he was a Freelancer, that was working with the Lions during the Gray Wars.
  • Just like Primus Sha'aull, Val Aru'un, and Valus Trau'ug, his grimoire is possibly a developer oversight, as in-game, He is red and yellow, similar to Taniks, the Scarred, and has a unknown Fallen symbol (the one on Wintership Simiks-Fel, before the Throne room, behind the Pilot Servitor) on his helmet.
  • It is mention in a couple of Lore tabs, that Joskaa, is currently looking for Kaliks Prime, the Prime Servitor of the House of Wolves, to either restore the Eliksni civilization, or to keep it safe from being destroyed.
    • He later abandoned the search, in favor of reverting the destroyed House back to normal, but more so allied with the Last City and to no longer the old ways as they used to do.
  • Joskaa's voice also seems to sound similar to Pirrha, the Rifleman.
  • Ever since the extinction of the House of Wolves, Joskaa has kept their remaining banners for himself, as his D2 model has a Wolf Banner for cape.
  • Joskaa is noted to be the youngest Kell of the Eliksni society, however it is unknown what is his age is, but in human years, he is around young adult years.