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Battle of the Forges


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Crusades of the Jackals


Eliksni siege




The Last City/House of Lions' Victory


The Last City

House of Lions

The Jackal Syndicate


The Vanguard


The Last City

House of Lions

The Jackal Syndicate


No Major effects on the Last City, however small events over at the EDZ

Presumably Small casualties within the House, excluding the death of Seriviks, Joskaa's Sister

Death of multiple Jackal Barons, Baroness, and High Servitors
Death of Seriviks, Jackal Kell

Civilian casualties

Fallen enclaves, presumably Lions or Jackals


The Crusades of the Jackals were a series of events between the House of Lions, The Last City, Awoken, and a terrorizing group called: The Jackal Syndicate, led by Seriviks, Kell of Jackals.


The Crusades were cause by a Fallen Outlaw, named Seriviks, (who was once a Archon of the House of Lions, later to desert her House, due to the Lions making peace with The Last City), formed The Jackal Syndicate, which was formed out of her followers and Remnants of Storm.

Courses of the War[edit]

The Jackal Syndicate remain underground in hiding, until a Baron of the Jackals named: Chelsik, began an attempt to assassinate both Joskaa and the Queen by hacking Lion Shanks and Walkers, while his crew infiltrates the area. The Guardian, However thwarts his attempt and kills him, causing the Jackal Syndicate to revealed.

After the Jackals came out of hiding, Seriviks, Jackal Kell, later took refuge on Nessus. When the Lions found out about this, they sended a Guardian to take her down and capture her. Ariving on nessus, She was seen along side Giltris, a Marauder. She, however, escaped leaving Giltris behind only to be killed by the guardian. After the attack, Joskaa orders the guardian to stand down and let his Spies deal with her.

Despite the Guardian unable to find her, Magnusk, Lions' Wrath secretly gave the guardians coordinates to her location, due to her Ketch, Jackalship Semkis-Fel being found on Titan. After fighting through her Kell's Guards and Ketch Enforcers, they face her in her throne room. Despite believing in finishing off, However, She escaped. Joskaa orders the guardian of what they were doing, but with driving Seriviks out of her Ketch. He believe that might do better in taking the Jackals down and later left them into finding Jackal bounties, while Kell's Wrath was later reopened to attack the Jackals.

With the opening of Kell's Wrath, Guardians all around the system began hunting down the Jackal's Baron, Baroness, and Generals such as Thresik, the Swordsman, Graksul, the Headhunter, Kithiks, the Pathfinder, and Pavik, Once Meek, they even dealt a bigger blow with the destruction of Semkis Prime, The Crimson Widow, and the Metal Siblings. with these victories the House of Lions staged a full-on assault into the The Jackal's Den to destroy or capture the Remaining Jackal Leadership. With the help of the Guardians, they were to kill most of Jackals' Generals pushing further into their Lair and meet up with Seriviks. Despites of her Stock pile and reinforcements, they were able to execute her. crippling the Jackals, and the end of the Crusades.


With the death of their Kell, the Jackal Syndicate retreated to the EDZ in hopes of survival. With leading the Surviving Jackals were Krathiks, an Archon Priest, and Dakiliss, the Strategist, commander of the Splicership Dreksor-Syn, capturing Cabal Bases and harassing the House of Dusk, and Taken. However, soon the tables were turned again with the help of House of Lions, the EDZ Guardians began pushing back the Jackals, by hunting Krathiks, led by Skorvik, the Head Professor of the Lions and Executing the Mad Archon and destroyed his SIVA Supply, to keep the Fallen from growing strong again. next Devrim Kay has spotted Dakiliss' Ketch over in the outskirts of EDZ, calling a Fireteam to deal with these problem, fighting through Ketch and solving puzzles and other sorts, they reached to the throne room, and finished the Clever Baron, causing the Jackals to be completing broken and caused them to retreat to Io.