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Crimson Widow
Biographical information




House of Lions (formerly)
The Jackal Syndicate (currently)




Fallen Walker

Combat information


Kell's Wrath Target: The Crimson Widow


Laser Cannon
Missile Pod
Nose Repeater
Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Void Shield
Summon Shanks
Temporary Shock Waves
Summon Skiffs
Temporary Immune Solar Barrier
Summon Repair Shanks


"Giving you a job to scrap a very powerful Walker that Sis's Jackals made. Backstory: It was just some random, mere, and simple Walker that us Lions had, but thanks to that attack earlier made by that Chelsik fella, it would be taken over by the Jackals and was modified beyond our own comprehension. I am very impressed of sis, but that doesn't mean I would let it off the hook. So you know what to do..."

The Crimson Widow is a Fallen Walker of The Jackal Syndicate, originally one of the many common Walkers manufactured by the House of Lions, it, along with a few Walkers and Shanks, would be hjacked by the Jackals during the assault led by Chelsik, the Infiltrator. After the attack, it would be taken by the Syndicate and was heavily modified by Fensik, a high-ranking engineer, into a massive and deadly warmachine. Which would catch the eye of the Lions, in which they dispatched Guardians to destroy the Walker once and for all.



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