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Striviis was the name of a Planet once dominated by the Eliksni, and was most notable in the Gray Wars.


Pre-Gray Wars[edit]

During the Golden Age of the Eliksni, Striviis was one of many planets to be conquered by the legendary House of Lions, from there the planet would become a haven for hundreds of other Eliksni that lived outside Riis, and had many homes and shipyards planted across the planet. When the Whirlwind occurred, most of the Eliksni that lived on Striviis weren't much affected as those who lived on Riis, but the Lions would escape over to Striviis and went into hiding among its planet rings.

Gray Wars[edit]

Striviis was a key front in the early stages of the Gray Wars, where the House of Sky hid from the House of Lions and formed their base of operations and dens there. But later on, the Lions would soon discover their location and combined many of their forces and decimated the Sky's Lair, along with their Kell. This also resulted in a large forest fire that took up most of the plant life, leaving only a few trees, a vastly open field, and some beach-like areas and oceans. After the death of the Kell of Sky, many Fallen loyal to the Sky banner would abandon the planet to chase the Lions as they move across space to find the Traveler.

After the Wars ended, most of the Eliksni that lived on Striviis abandoned the planet to travel alongside the Lions, those who still lived on Striviis, it is unknown of their fates, presumably either perished or continued their livings on the planet.


  • Striviis was once mentioned by Divhoris to be a world where "the sky was a bright green", filled densely with "Dark blue Plant life" and "oceans colored like gold".

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