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Noble house


Kell of Sky (deceased)
Raniks Prime (missing)

Notable information:

Fought against the House of Lions during the Gray Wars.


"“House Gray” was never of a House, for you see, they were only just remnants of a long forgotten House, before Whirlwind struck, named “House Sky” and their Banners was raised high as their moniker."
— A blurb from the “Monsek’ir Gray”

The House of Sky was a Fallen House, that fought the House of Lions, Post-Whirlwind.


The House of Sky was a Fallen House, known for their mastered prowess with their aerial attacks and their tactics over ship battles. But many of their members, believe that the Great Machine was, in fact, a beacon to a great and evil force, and that the Great Machine's gifts was an illusion and that they should leave their home, before this threat could arrive. But before they could get anyone to join their side. The Whirlwind would happen, making their predictions almost true. The House would escape to the Sineria and would come into contact with the House of Lions.

Gray Wars[edit]

The War would start when the House of Sky entered the Fallen House of Lions' territory and raided multiple camps killing countless Fallen. This caused Yorvik, the Kell of the House of Lions, to raged war against them. It was long courses of Battles, until Grayria a spy for the Lions found the House of Sky's Lair, The Lions Manned a raid against them with their powerful Forces, they destroyed the Lair killing Kell of Sky.

With the Kell dead, the Sky would take Revenge. while Yorvik was trying to collect Ether from one of the Astroids, the Sky would pined him, and destroy Lionship Jobkis-Fel, killing him within it. with Yorvik's Death, The House of Lions fell to civil War by splitting into 3 groups, Tariks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skeklos, the Prowling.

Skeklos began strangly rising to power, as He Destroyed Skrisah's fleet, and tricked the House of Sky into Destroying Tariks. With all of his rivals dead, He became Kell of Lions, Although his leadership did not Last, Most Lions saw him as a cruel and unfair Leader, when thing began uneasy, The Lions revolted with the help of Joskaa, Burning Blade, Grayria, Winter Lost, and Andiks-5. The attack led into a chase, ending in The Prison of Scars, A House of Sky facility, With the bulk of the House of Lions, they were able kill Skeklos, who apperntly was associate of Sky, and Destroyed the Prison, causing the Sky to trapped, with the War over, the Lions crowned Joskaa as a Kell to lead the Lions.

House of Sky would later be freed by Tikmiks, and would form the House of Gray.

Rise of Gray[edit]

"O hear me lost children of House Sky, I am Tikmiks, I one of the rest of you. I lost my father by the hands of that wretched child who claims to be Kell. For this, I want to help restore your House, no, make it anew. But, in return, you must help me with the House of Lions"

End of Sky[edit]

Restoration by the Lion Kell[edit]

"We will live not by Pride or ruthlessness, but with intelligence, with respectfulness, hope to not end up in our past mistakes, nor will we fight against the City...for Mithrax, I will restore the Houses of Old with new ways, starting with House Sky."



Notable Members[edit]


  • The House of Sky's beliefs are similar to that of the Dead Orbit, that they believe their planets are doomed and they must leave and find a new home.
    • The House of Sky are also known for their fleets, which mirrors that of Dead Orbit.

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