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House of Sky


Noble house


Kell of Sky (deceased)
Raviks Prime (missing)

Notable information:

Warred with the House of Lions during the Gray Wars.


"'House Storm' was never of a House, for you see, they were only just remnants of a long forgotten House, before Whirlwind struck, named 'House Sky' and their Banners was raised high as their moniker."
— A blurb from the "Monsek'ir Gray"

The House of Sky was once a Fallen House, that fought in the Gray Wars against the House of Lions.


The House of Sky was one of the many Houses that grew prosperity in their Golden Age on Riis, led by their Kell, the House made themselves known amongst their civilization through their use of number of fleets in battle, modifications and creations of ships and the House's most experience pilots and crews, such as those like Dakiliss, and Zavriks, two Barons belonging to the House. However, the House is also known for their Kell's beliefs about the Traveler, seeing it a beacon to "something out there that could wipe their entire civilization", and saw its gifts as tricks, and tried to convince her people to leave their home for safety, but to no avail. When the Whirlwind began, House of Sky would flee and abandoning the other Houses as the event continued, in the aftermath, the Sky would travel deep in space in hopes to find refuge.

Gray Wars[edit]

The Gray Wars would began when Skevsis, the Prowling, a House of Lions noble, drew the wandering House Sky into his House's domain within a planet known as Striviis, which would stir the Lions into attacking the Sky after the latter massacred many Lion inhabitants in order for the House to claim control over their strongholds. As the war raged on, the House would suffer the most from the war, with many of their leaders being killed and their ships stolen by raiding parties associated with the Lions. During the homestretch of the war, the House's lair, which has been hidden from the Lions for many years, would be eventually revealed by a Lion scout whom infiltrated into Sky's ranks to obtain the information onto where Sky's base of operations was held. After discovering the location, the Lions, with their combined forces, would attack the lair and destroyed it, along with the Kell of Sky perishing as well, leaving the House effectively leaderless.

The Plan of Skevsis[edit]

Rise of the Storms[edit]

"O hear me lost children of House Sky, I am Tikmiks, I one of the rest of you. As I lost my father by the hands of that wretched child who claims to be Kell. For this, I want to help restore your House, no, make it anew. But, in return, you must help me with the House of Lions"

End of Sky[edit]


"We will live not by Pride or ruthlessness, but with intelligence, with respectfulness, hope to not end up in our past mistakes, nor will we fight against the City...for the sake of our people, I will restore the Houses of Old and lift them up with our new ways, starting with House Sky."



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