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"Joskaa turned to his allies, who were right with him in this uprising: Grayvis, Andiks-5, his family, his crew, all those, who believe, what he doing...was right."
Joskaa's Journal, Chapter 10, page 11

Andiks-5 is a High Servitor in the House of Lions, that belongs to the crew of Joskaa, Burning Blade. It is known for being both stubborn, yet reliable to it's owners.


Andiks-5 once piloted a Ketch of a unnamed Lion noble, operating among the surface of the planet Striviis, when the House of Sky invaded Striviis and took over it, Andiks-5 was captured alongside other Lions whom was captured by Sky forces. As the Gray Wars started, many Lion prisoners were forced to assist the Fallen Sky by providing any weakness against the Lions and work on their ships unwillingly, Andiks-5 was used to assist in comms and shiplinks for Sky, although it would attempt to send out a secret signal for Lions or any other Fallen to rescue it and any other Lion Prisoners. But as the war continued, many Prisoners would perished, leaving the Servitor to be the last prisoner, but before it could destroyed, it would be rescued by Joskaa, a freelancer working for the Lions whom was leading a raiding operation against the House of Sky. Andiks-5 would join him as he escaped and soon became his friend, serving as the young Warrior's High Servitor and participated in assassinations against Sky's leadership, working alongside his crew, the Skybreakers. After the wars ended, Andiks-5 would be present in a rebellion led by the Burning Blade against Skevsis, the Prowling, a Lion noble who became the House's Kell, later succeeding as Joskaa would become the new Kell of Lions, with the Servitor assisting the young Kell, as well as command a small group of Shanks and held permissions to other Servitors within the House.


  • Andiks-5 has the same appearance and gameplay mechanics to a Lion High Servitor in Destiny 1.
    • This is because, Andiks-5 belongs to the Lion High Servitors, who, are part of the Andiks line of Servitors, which are a modified version of the Jobkis line.
  • Andiks-5 was also mentioned to have been also used as entertainment for Joskaa.

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