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"Joskaa turned to his allies, who were right with him in this uprising: Grayria, Andiks-5, his family, his crew, all those, who believe, what he doing...was right."
Joskaa's Journal, Chapter 10, page 11
Lion Servitor.jpg
Biographical Information




House of Lions


High Servitor



Combat Information


Defend the Ketch (unofficial)


Servitor Eye


High Durability
Buff Fallen
Guard Joskaa
Empower Joskaa (Destiny 2)
Ether Shield Joskaa (Destiny 2)
Void Shield (Destiny 2)


Andiks-5 is a High Servitor in the House of Lions, that belongs to the crew of Joskaa, Burning Blade. It is known for being both stubborn, yet reliable to it's owners.


Andiks-5 was once part of a crew, led by a Baroness of the Lions, until the crew was captured, tortured, and killed by the House of Sky; Andiks-5 would even unwillingly watch it’s owner, the Baroness being tortured slowly by Sky, and would then be stripped of it's parts for the Fallen Sky to use for their own useful things, and be left for dead, until a Fallen freelancer, known as: Joskaa, the Open-Minded would find the damage Servitor and repair it. The Servitor would soon, grow a close bond to Joskaa, ultimately becoming the young adventurer's High Servitor, and join in his crew, and participate in their operations of assassination of Sky leaders and generals, even supported a Lion raid, to capture one of Sky's most prized Ketches and was minorly used to the pilot the Ketch, causing the Ketch, to become Hand of the Skybreakers, and later Lionship Andiks-Fel. Andiks-5 was later part of the Lion's greatest events in their history, such as the destruction of the House of Gray's lair, the encounter of AJ, the Relentless, Splicer's Watch, and a run into a Repair mission. It is seen to be a great unit to the Lions.


  • Andiks-5 has the same appearance and gameplay mechanics to a Lion High Servitor.
    • This is because, Andiks-5 belongs to the Lion High Servitors, who, are part of the Andiks line of Servitors, which are a modified version of the Jobkis line.
  • Andiks-5 was also mentioned to have been also used as entertainment for Joskaa.
  • It is said, that Andiks-5's characteristics are similar to that of R2-D2.

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