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Lion High Servitor
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Storming Blizzards
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"The Jobiks Servitors once stood out as the Lions' Servitors, until the rise of the Andiks Servitors, which were far more superior and newer, than the Jobkis."
Joskaa's journal (chapter 7 entry)

Lion High Servitors are a group of Servitors that belongs to House of Lions. They are also modeled after Andiks Prime.


The Lion High Servitors originally belong to the Andiks line of Servitors, which are modified versions of the Jobiks line; being more younger and far more superior than the old Jobiks common ones. However the Jobiks line were the main line of Servitors that the House relied on, until the rise of Skevsis, the Prowling and the crowning of Joskaa, in which the Andiks line usurped the Jobiks line, causing these Servitors to become more active in its House's activities, serving as elite defense to their allies, acting as security to important House leaders and supplies, and help enforce rules of the Lions. One such notable Servitor is known to serve as the personal High Servitor to Joskaa, the Kell of Lions.


Much like the normal Fallen High Servitors, Lion High Servitors in combat uses its eye as its weapon, blasting Void energy blasts at close quarters or from afar, typically uses teleportation as a means to evade gunfire or to find its next target, their ability of levitating off the ground and float around, their strong durability, and the most obvious ability that about all Servitors posses: healing Fallen combatants at close proximity of its position. Although, what differs between most Servitors in battle is their more faster rate of fire, although not as tedious as a Splicer Servitor, but fast enough to take out massive chunks of health.

Notable Lion High Servitors[edit]


  • The Lion High Servitors bears an identical appearance to the Wolf High Servitors, except their central eye and lights are colored vanilla rather than the blue colored lights.
  • Servitors of House Lion within Destiny 2 bears the same appearances of the Lion High Servitors, except the unusual painted white and brown Fallen glyphs.

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