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The Coming Storm



Storming Blizzards
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The Lions' Armistice Update


1 - 3


Ishtar Sink


Join the House of Lions in their assault to stop the House of Storm from destroying House of Winter.

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Storming Blizzards is the second Story Mission in Storms' Uprising Update and takes place in the Ishtar Sink, Venus.



{Loading Screen}

  • IKORA REY: Guardian, as you were dealing with the situation on Mars, we had picked up word of a Vex incursion happening within the House of Winter's former lair. As to why we are not sure of, it is best you handle the situation and find out the issue.


The Guardian lands at the Ember Caves, heading over to the Winter's Lair.

  • IKORA REY: Thanks to the disorganization of Winter, it will be easy to enter their hideout, however you must be alert of any disgruntled Fallen or invading Vex.

The Guardian enters Winter's Lair, with Goblins patrolling around the area and Hobgoblins watching from high places, as expected. Soon the Guardian defeats them and progresses.

  • GHOST: More Vex ahead, be ready.

As The Guardian heads out into The Cinders, the channel to Ikora Rey slowly goes static.

  • IKROA REY: Guardian? Something is [blocking our] signal, We will-(heavy static)
  • GHOST: Ikora? The feed is being blocked, I am not sure what it is causing it...

The Guardian emerges in The Cinders, As they head down they see a battle between the Vex and a battalion of Fallen, another voice emerges from the comms.

  • AJ: Ah, look who came back?
  • GHOST: AJ? You again? What are you doing here? And were you the one who is blocking all channels?
  • AJ: First, dealing with a...slight issue, as for the blocking? Yes, to keep anyone knowing what we're doing here. But, you've seem to be dealing with these mindless robots? Right? Maybe we will help you but in return you help us? Deal?
  • GHOST: Fine, we'll help.

The Guardian arrives to help the House of Lions from the invading Vex, slowly be surely taking out waves of Vex and defeating several Axis Minotaurs. The door opens and The Guardian heads further.

  • GHOST: So who are we going to deal with?
  • AJ: Well many of those House of Storm have been going around and recruiting many of their kind to their banner. Since most of the Houses are broken, some of them have been willingly joining them.

The Guardian heads to the Ash Coves and faces a Cyclops with a few guarding Vex, The Guardian eliminates them.

  • AJ: The guy you're looking for is Skarviks, recently joined the Storms from Winter. Trying to prove his loyalty to them by killing whatever remains of Winter, and the Lions do not want that.

The Guardians heads over to Winter's Run and are greeted by patrolling House of Storm Fallen with the area being covered with a few Web Mines, but the Guardian defeats them and heads into Winter's Run.

  • GHOST: So how will we know who's Skarviks?
  • AJ: Trust me, he won't be hard to notice.

The Guardian takes out more Fallen Storms moving around the arena. As they kill the last one, Skarviks, Winter Bane will emerge from one of the doors to face the Guardian.

  • GHOST: There he is!

The Guardian battles against Skarviks and his men, however, few Skiffs belonging to allied Lion forces drops in and assist the Guardian by dropping off their forces. After the long battle, Skarviks is killed and his men defeated.

  • GHOST: There, that's one less big scary guy to deal with.
  • AJ: Hey, not all big Fallen are big or scary.
  • GHOST: Right right, anyway we'll be off now, your welcome!
  • AJ: Heh, thanks. When you are done, may we meet in private? I will lend you my coordinates when you leave.
  • GHOST: Got it.

As AJ leaves the channel, the channel belonging to Ikora Rey reopens.

  • IKORA REY: The comms are back, what happened?
  • GHOST: Oh just some few Vex and Fallen to deal with, not to big of a problem.
  • IKORA REY: Well then, excellent work, return to your normal duties when you leave.

{Mission Ends}