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The Coming Storm
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The Lions' Armistice Update


1 - 3


Meridian Bay


Investigate a strange signal pin-pointed on Mars.

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The Coming Storm is a Story mission in the Destiny: Storms' Uprising Update, where The Guardian are sent by the Vanguard to investigate a odd signal located on Mars.


  • Search for the Signal
  • Overcome the Cabal
  • Get to Higher Ground
  • Assist the Fallen
  • Enter the Tank
  • Draw out the Attackers
  • Stop the Archon


{Loading Screen}

  • ZAVALA: Guardian, Vanguard Scouts reports of strange bursts of energy coming from Meridian Bay, along with a repeating signal situated deep within Cabal territory, we had attempted to send a team down to investigate, but we haven't heard of them since. For this, we thought it would be best to send one of best Guardians to investigate the situation.


The Guardian lands in The Barrens, moving forward and enters the Scablands.

  • CAYDE-6: Hey guys! How's the weather down there?
  • ZAVALA: Cayde, we have this situation under control, we do not need your assistance for the time being.
  • CAYDE: Are you sure you don't need my help? I mean I did led an assault against a giant Hive warship and helped take out an Angry Hive King!
  • ZAVALA: Yes, but this is a scouting mission, nothing more, nothing less.
  • CAYDE: Fine, I'll be over there, away from the mission, won't be listening...
  • ZAVALA: (sighs) The signal is far in the Valley of the Kings, get in there, and put an end to it.

The Guardian enters into Giants' Pass, seeing Sand Eater Cabal patrolling around the fortifications. They would take out forces, causing more Cabal to retaliate, sending in waves and waves of Legionaries, Phalanxes, Psion Operants, and Colossi. But they would all be defeated along with a Major Legionary named Tra'eng.

  • GHOST: Hold on...I'm getting another transmission, it's...hard to pick up...
  • CAYDE: (heavy static) [Huh? What's going on down there?]
  • GHOST: Commander? Cayde? Oh something is blocking out the signal, we need move forward to higher ground.

The Guardian leaves and travels to the Valley of the Kings, where a battle between Fallen of an unknown House and Dust Giants fighting against each other, with a Ketch hovering in view above the skirmish.

  • GHOST: Cabal and Fallen? Why would the Fallen be here on Mars?

They would soon hear another voice from an unknown feed.

  • GHOST: Wait, I'm picking up something, we need to move

The Guardian weaves their way through the battle, but as they try to get to better ground, they notice the Fallen aren't attacking them like they usually would do. Soon they would pick up the unknown transmission.

  • AJ: Damn Cabal, scrambling with all our comms and then goes to-
  • GHOST: Hello? Can anyone read us?
  • AJ: Hm? Who's this?
  • GHOST: I am a Ghost, my Guardian and I were investigating some kind of distress signal, are you alone?
  • AJ: Uh, well not exactly alone-

A loud Fallen roar could be heard in the transmission channel.

  • GHOST: Are you being attacked by the Fallen?
  • AJ: Not attacked but more so...
  • GHOST: More so what?
  • AJ: More so....ok look, I know this may sound crazy, but these Fallen-ah Eliksni, they do not mean harm.
  • GHOST: Harm?
  • AJ: Yes, they mean no harm, so do not shoot them...
  • GHOST: How could we believe you?
  • AJ: I-just, I don't have time! Just do not shoot!
  • GHOST: Ok fine, we will...

The Guardian, following the orders, takes out the rest of the Cabal, but leaves the Fallen alone, resulting in the Fallen cheering for the Guardian's assistance.

  • GHOST: Huh, they just cheered for us when we helped, and they didn't even shoot us. Either they like us or we are in a dream.

The Guardian would head over to where the Cerberus Vae III tank is located, seeing a squad of Fallen, led by a lone Captain, fight a Cabal platoon guarding the entrance of the tank.

  • GHOST: Wait, the signal we are looking for is coming from the Tank!

Doing what they did before, The Guardian takes out the Cabal, leaving the Fallen alive. But as they do so, a group of Dregs and Shanks led by a Servitor exit out of the tank, although they appear more different than the rest of the Fallen seen outside of the tank.

  • GHOST: Uh...are these Fallen friendly like the rest that we seen or are they the usual bloodthirsty bad Fallen?
  • AJ: Nope. They're the usual bad ones.

The Guardian kills the enemy Fallen and goes into the tank.

  • GHOST: Ok, now care to explain what is going on here?!
  • AJ: The House who is with you are the House of Lions, they are an older and more careful House, the ones who are attacking you now is another Fallen House, claimed to call themselves, the "House of Storm". Storm tried to mess with the Lions but instead resulted a skirmish that got over to Mars that had roped both the Cabal and you into this fight.
  • GHOST: Ok. Perhaps we can both help each other out in this situation.

The Guardian would get inside the tank, seeing Cabal and hostile Fallen fighting for control over the tank and would defeat both of the Cabal and Fallen, heading deeper into the tank as they get into the final area, seeing more Cabal and more Fallen. They would soon take them out. Afterwards, The Guardian finds a Fallen console that is where the signal is pin-pointing from. As they attempt to disable it, hoards of Fallen Dregs, Reaver Vandals, Shanks, and Servitors would exit out from the doors of the tank to fight The Guardian. As they defeat them, a large Captain, Tikmiks, Archon Priest, would exit out of the large doors at the end of the room accompanied by two Archon Servants.

  • GHOST: Uh-oh, we got a giant Captain that is really REALLY angry at us!

The Guardian battles out against Tikmiks and his reinforcements, but just as they were about to defeat him, Tikmiks would teleport away from the tank and disappear entirely. The Ghost would soon shut off the pinging distress signal.

  • GHOST: I was able to cut off the signal, as well as whatever was jamming other comms. But that Captain got away...
  • ZAVALA: Guardian, Guardian? Do you read us?
  • GHOST: Yes, and we also made some friends along the way...
  • ZAVALA: Friends?

The comms are static on their end, and the Lions that were here seems to have vanished.

  • GHOST: Uh, wait, but they were just speaking to us!
  • ZAVALA: Speaking to who?
  • GHOST: It was a Guardian, him and the both of us was working together along with another Fallen House to fix the situation! and-
  • CAYDE: Uh...but I don't see any Fallen...except the ones you killed.
  • GHOST: But these Fallen weren't them, there was another one.
  • ZAVALA: It doesn't matter, what matters now is that there is another House, one that must be dealt with. Good work Guardian, report to us once you have left.

{Mission Ends}