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Grask, Lion Captain
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"Ok look, I know this may sound crazy, but just please don't shoot any of these Fallen."
AJ alerting The Guardian of Grask's crew

Grask, Lion Captain is a Captain of the Fallen House of Lions, seen in the Mission, The Coming Storm, where the Captain was sent by the Lions to investigate a lost scouting party and would find The Guardian. However, on the orders of AJ, a Guardian Warlock acquainted to the Lions, and Magnusk, Lions' Wrath, the Captain would join together with the Guardian and face off the rising House of Storm.

Few years after the end of Storms, and the events of the Season of Dawn, Grask was sent by Joskaa to lead a Strike team over the recently deactivated station known as Lions' Pride Relay, which housed the Lions' massive spy Network. But was captured by Reksor's Crew, the ones who caused the hijacking of Lions' Pride Relay, however he was later saved by The Guardian whom was sent by the Lion Kell to find the strike party and investigate the odd occurrence.



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