Winter's Run

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Winter's Run
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Destiny, Base Game


1 - 3



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"Those Fallen in the Ishtar Sink on Venus...story is they raided the Prison of Elders in the Reef. Got an Archon Priest. The Queen's bounty is high so we know it's powerful. We need to hunt this thing down before they fully restore its soul."

Winter's Run is a level 14 strike on Venus. The fireteam's objective is to infiltrate the House of Winter's lair and kill Aksor, Archon Priest.

The April Update introduced an alternate version of this Strike that replaces the usual enemies with Taken forces.


  • Infiltrate Winter's Lair

Enter House of Winter's den in the caves.

  • Fight Through The Lair

Push through hostiles in the caves to find the Archon Priest.

  • Expel Enemy Forces

Obliterate the hostiles barring the way to the Archon Priest.

  • Breach The Hatch

Use Ghost to break the lock on the hatch.

  • Kill Them All

Survive long enough for Ghost to break the lock on the hatch.

  • Track The Archon Priest

Explore the furthest reaches of the Fallen lair to locate the Archon Priest.

  • Kill The Fallen (Normal version)

Eliminate the Fallen harboring the Archon Priest.

  • Kill The Taken (Taken version)

Eliminate the Taken harboring Nixis, Hunger of Oryx.

  • Release The Archon Priest (Normal version)

Call Aksor the Archon Priest out of its confines and prepare for a fight.

  • Approach The Darkness Anomaly (Taken version)

Approach the Darkness anomaly and face what awaits you.

  • Slay The Archon Priest (Normal version)

Slay the Archon Priest.

  • Slay Nixis, Hunger Of Oryx (Taken version)

Defeat Nixis, Hunger of Oryx.



Enemies (The Taken King)[edit]



Winter's Run is the first Strike to have the boss be replaced by a Taken variant, depending on the version of the Strike. The second Strike to do this is The Nexus