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Andiks Prime
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Andiks Prime is the Prime Servitor within the House of Lions, previously served by Seriviks, Lion Archon.

It is referred to amongst the Eliksni as the youngest of the Prime Servitors, and was later modified by the Lion Splicers to produce the weapons within the Lions' arsenal, earning the moniker, "The Weapon-Forger"


Ascendancy of Andiks[edit]

Much after the destruction of Jobiks Prime, and the self-exile of Warvriks, the Archon Priest of Jobiks, the House of Lions began searching for a replacement of Jobiks. This led to Andiks Prime, whom produced its own Servitors line, that were more younger and modified to be more efficient than the older Jobiks Servitors. Andiks was then able to close the power vacuum and took over as the Prime Servitor, alongside Joskaa, the House of Lions' Kell, and his sister, Seriviks, who became the Servitor's Archon.

Andiks became a significant figurehead within the House, producing the Ether supply that the Lions needed, rapidly growing its Servitor line, and grew influence among others; such as Darviss, a local Rising Archon, and the Lion Splicers. This made Andiks a very respected leader to its people, and was honored by its House, including naming the Lions' flagship as Lionship Andiks-Fel, to commemorate the Servitor, and Seriviks participating in gladiatorial combat as a tribute to the Prime.

However, as the Lions arrived to the Sol System and formed a neutral alliance with the Awoken of the Reef, Seriviks, angered by her brother for these actions, would abandon her House, taking a contingent of Lions who were against Joskaa's call for peace along the way. This would lead Andiks to be without an Archon, to counter this issue, Joskaa and the Lion Splicers would substitute as the Prime's caretakers and protectors, although a few others attempted to take over as the Prime's Archon, but to no avail, one of these aspirants would be Darsiss, whom was an Rising Archon within House. But nonetheless, Andiks would continue on without an Archon and continued its role as the House's Prime Servitor.


  • Andiks Prime has the same appearance as Kaliks Reborn, the House of Wolves' Prime Servitor and boss from the Prison of Elders. However unlike Kaliks, Andiks's central eye is chartreuse rather than yellow.
  • Unlike the rest of the Prime Servitors, Andiks is also known to have an ability to forge weapons of the Lions' arsenal. Making the Servitor's more important.
  • Ever since the events of Beyond Light, Andiks's role as a Prime would began to slowly weaken, as much of the Lions had began using Prime Ether Servitors to extend their Ether supply, lowing much of Andiks' importance.

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