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Jobiks Prime was the Prime Servitor within the Fallen House of Lions, previously served by Archon Priest, Warvriks.


Jobiks Prime was originally the Prime Servitor of the House of Lions, long before the ascendancy of Andiks Prime and before the beginning of the Gray Wars. However, not much is known of Jobiks during those times, only being the source of the Jobiks line of Servitors, such as Mecher Jobiks-43, and the Ketch, Lionship Jobiks-Fel, which was named after the Prime itself.

But what was known about the Servitor was during the aftermath of the Gray Wars, its Archon, Warvriks, joined in a coup, led by Delkris, a former member of the Lions' council, and attempted rebellion against Joskaa, the Kell of Lions. One of the plans that the coup attempted was to hide Jobiks in order to try to slow the Ether supply, sending in two Lions undercover as Archon Servants, secretly supervised by the Archon himself. The plan was almost a success until was intercepted by a group Lion Enforcers, led by Julsis, Joskaa's father, and later accidentally resulted in the destruction of Jobiks Prime in a last ditch effort.

With the death of Jobiks, this caused a shortage of Ether and the Jobiks models. Leading to Andiks Prime replacing Jobiks as the new Prime Servitor, along with the self-exile of Warvriks. Although, followers of Jobiks would obtain the remains of the Prime, which they later gifted some of the pieces as a gift it to wandering Guardians, specifically Warlocks, which they have used as a study.

The False Prime[edit]

A long time somewhere in the beginning of the Red War, and the formation of the House of Dusk, a group of Rising Archons that were formerly part of the House of Lions, abandoned their banner for Dusk. But wanted to bring the Lions to Dusk to break away the rule of Kells and form as one, with the Lions arriving to the Monégasque Ruins, shortly after escaping the Reef and defending off against the a few crews of Red Legion Cabal, the Rising Archons would finally put their plan to motion.

With the Lions continuously fight off Cabal and claim more of the Old ruins, the Dusk would infiltrate into the Lions' den, posing in disguises, and find Andiks Prime, kidnapping it and hid it away from the Lions, incapacitating their Ether source to continue their plan. With Andiks gone, this caused a disarray within the House, which would be slightly calmed down by Joskaa and his Enforcers, but now without Ether, the Lions had to cut their Ether to be enough to survive while the Lion Kell sent a search party, headed by his Guardian associate, AJ, the Relentless, in hopes of finding Andiks Prime, but this distraught nonetheless succeed another part of the Archons' plan. Continuing on, the Rising Archons would put forth their next part of the plan, which was to rebuild Jobiks Prime in order to draw the Lions out in a attempt to bring them to Dusk, using parts of minor Servitors and scavenged tech, the rising Archons would successfully restore the old Prime and brought it to the starving Fallen as a offer in return to join the Dusk banner.

Joskaa, along with a few of the Lions, saw this as a trick to abandon the House, however, other Lions, whom were starving of Ether and blinded by the lost faith of Jobiks Prime, would accept the Archons' deal, causing a large rift between the House. Outraged by this, Joskaa would attempted to lead an attack against the Rising Archons while AJ and the party tried to find Andiks.

Luckily, as Joskaa began his assault, AJ and the search party finally found Andiks Prime in the clutches of Dusk Fallen attempting cage it. They would free the Servitor and rendezvous to Joskaa to help in their battle against the Rising Archons and the false Prime. AJ and Joskaa would break the defenses of Dusk and corned the Rising Archons within their den and challenged them and the false Jobiks Prime. Ensuing in a battle between Jobiks with House Dusk and Andiks Prime to House Lions, but despite Jobiks' assistance with Dusk backup, the Lions defeated the fake Servitor, and resulted in it's malfunction and soon after, its destruction. The aspiraning Archon culprits would be defeated in the battle, but would intercept a com link that one of them were carrying, signaling to a unknown origin point. Implying that the attempt was carried by someone else.


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