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Monégasque Ruins



Hostile races:

Fallen (House of Dusk)
Cabal (Red Legion)


The Monégasque Ruins, also known as Old Monaco is a location on Earth in the French Riviera. Originally it was once a Human city-state, known as Monaco that existed long before the Golden Age began, after the Collapse, it was horrifically destroyed and has turned into a remains. Now it has been occupied by the Fallen House of Lions whom were escaping the Reef during the Red War and has become their current stronghold, along with the rest of what remains of the French Riviera. Remnants of the Red Legion and scavengers from the House of Dusk also minorly occupies the area.


After the Collapse ended, the city was destroyed by a landslide, with most of their buildings fell into the ocean. Resulting it into becoming a dangerous hazardous zone, with most humans avoiding the areas due to its tendency for landslides resulting or their camp sites collapsing into the ocean. Eventually when The Last City was formed, the Vanguard stated the ruins to be off-limits, however there was rare occurrences of small groups of Humans would cross through the ruins, although only a few would survive passing through it. The Monégasque Ruins would also be home to a small Hive brood nest settled within the mountains above the fallen city, however when the Red War began, the Cabal Red Legion would annihilate the Hive nest, along with using the area to mine materials under the supervision of the Legion's 12th Company. Soon the ruins would become the new home to the Fallen House of Lions, whom were escaping from the Reef, which would result in a skirmish between the Lions and the 12th Company, leading to the Lions being pushes back into the mountains by the Cabal. But the Lions would continue to lead raiding parties from the shadows under the command of the now Lightless Guardian, AJ.

Soon the Lions would eventually displace the Red Legion's 12th Company, as well as resulting in the death of a Red Legion Bracus, allowing the Lions to gain a footing amongst the coast of the Monégasque Ruins, before gradually claim control over Old Monaco during the event of the Guardians taking back their City.


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