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Lionship Andiks-Fel
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Lionship Andiks-Fel

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"We once lived together on our once-great planet. Now we live separated, with no home. I wish to end this time of separation, and this Ketch will be the reason for this"

Lionship Andiks-Fel is a Fallen Ketch, that was located in the Monégasque Ruins and 2 Pallas. It is both the flagship of the Fallen House of Lions and the personal ship of their Kell, Joskaa.


"Ketches were only known to the Fallen as warships and Cruisers for them to pass through Space, nothing more, nothing less. But to see this...Ketch, especially for its size to be use for things we don't even know about...what other ships do the Fallen even have that we don't see?"
Petra Venj

Lionship Andiks-Fel was once a prototype Ketch created by the House of Sky as a use to help carry weapon supplies during battles and be used as superweapon during the of battle. The Ketch wouldn't be put into use until during the Gray Wars as they used the ship to help protect and carry their Weapon, however, the during the Wars, the Ketch would be stolen by a band of misfits known as the Skybreakers, whom were attempting to steal it for their own purposes. The Ketch would be mostly used as a personal ship for their leader, Joskaa, Burning Blade, and served as the headquarters for the team as the Wars continued on. It would be seen during when the battles against Kell of Sky and the Lions' Rebellion against Skeklos, the Prowling. The Ketch would also help carry Fallen Lions during the final years of the Long Drift as they attempt to arrive to the Solar System. But when Joskaa would become the Kell to the Lions after the defeat of Skeklos, the Ketch would be repurposed to no longer serve as a warship, but instead of as a place of refuge for those who were separated from each other and was to be a symbol of home to the Lions. The Ketch finally took the name: "Lionship Andiks-Fel", and lead the traveling fleet as they arrived to the System amongst the Kuiper Belt, while having a presence at Callisto and The Reef. The Ketch wouldn't leave the Kuiper Belt until the arrival of Oryx, but would somehow making it out alive from Oryx's grasp barely and would escape to the Reef, taking up ground of 2 Pallas thanks to the disorganization of the Reef, they would set up shop while keeping Andiks-Fel close by the area. The Ketch wouldn't be disturbed again until during the rise of Scorn, where they would flee once again and taking up land across the ruins of Old Monaco. Andiks-Fel would thus serve as the de facto hideout for the Lions for the time being.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Unlike Most Ketches, Andiks-Fel (along with other Ketches belonging to the Lions) has a dark brown hull color to it, as well as having a vanilla colored line around the Ketch.
    • The Ketch also has a House of Lions' insignia, meaning it's the second Ketch to have a house insignia. The first one to have a insignia, was the House of Wolves' Wolfship Kaliks-Syn.
    • Andiks-Fel's exterior has the same modifications as the Queen's Ketch, seen in the Battle of Saturn.
      • This may signify the rank or importance of the ship, as the other Lion Ketches does not have those modifications, as well as not having their largest engine on the right side, as Andiks-Fel does.
  • In D2, the inside of the Ketch, seems to be similar to that of the Traitor's Ketch.


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