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Lionship Andiks-Fel
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The Reef

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Spider's Safehouse

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Lionship Andiks-Fel is a Fallen Ketch, that was formerly located in 2 Pallas, The Reef. It is both the flagship of the Fallen House of Lions and the personal ship of their Kell, Joskaa.


Andiks-Fel was once a massive Ketch, belonging to the House of Sky, It was used to carry its weapons supply, until the Ketch was captured by the Skybreakers, a House of Lions' sect. The Ketch was renamed Hand of the Skybreakers. However, After the defeat of the House of Sky, and Joskaa becoming a Kell, the Ketch was repurposed and renamed to Lionship Andiks-Fel, and became the Ketch of the House of Lions. The Ketch would then navigate to the Sol System, landing in The Reef, hiding within the shadow of 2 Pallas. However, ever since the events of Forsaken and Season of Arrivals. Andiks-Fel, would leave the Reef, and touchdown over the collapsed cites of Monaco, a very famous city, known before the Golden Age. As the Ketch would become the acting main base of the Monégasque-residing Lions.


In order to get to Lionship Andiks-Fel, Guardians must enter in a hidden portal, within the Spider's Safehouse, similar to getting to the Dusk portal for getting to Kikliss, Murderer.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Andiks-Fel is a massive Ketch, that is closely the size of a large asteroid, and is one of the most powerful ships that the Fallen ever had. Even showing it's power during the Siege of Pallas, where it obliterated a couple of Ketches, belonging to the House of Wolves, using only a powerful superweapon, that can "weave like a needle and silently massacre ships in a blink of an eye".
  • Unlike Most Ketches, Andiks-Fel (along with other Ketches belonging to the Lions) has a dark brown hull color to it, as well as having a vanilla colored line around the Ketch.
    • The Ketch also has a House of Lions' insignia, meaning it's the second Ketch to have a house insignia. The first one to have a insignia, was the House of Wolves' Wolfship Kaliks-Syn.
    • Andiks-Fel's exterior has the same modifications as the Queen's Ketch, seen in the Battle of Saturn.
      • This may signify the rank or importance of the ship, as the other Lion Ketches does not have those modifications, as well as not having their largest engine on the right side, as Andiks-Fel does.
  • In D2, the inside of the Ketch, seems to be similar to that of the Traitor's Ketch.


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