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Skeklos, the Prowling was a noble from the House of Lions, and a claimant to become to the new Kell of Lions, after Yorvik, Kell of Lions was killed during the Gray Wars.


Skeklos was a Lion noble, who was notable for being sly, secretive, and untrustworthy; as well as having a secret hatred for Yorvik, the Kell of the House of Lions, for unknown reasons. During the Gray Wars, when Yorvik led a successful attack on the House of Sky's base of operations. Skeklos came into contact with a unnamed Sky member, where he bribed the scavenger to get their House to destroy Yorvik, while he would give Weapons, a steady Ether supply, and ships to Sky, but still have control over them. Which the scavenger was pleased. They would inform their surviving leaders of this, and planned their attack against the Lion Kell. Skeklos would give coordinates to Yorvik's hidden territory, where he collect Ether from one of the asteroids, there, with some of their supplies, given by Skeklos, would destroy Yorvik's fleet, along with him. causing three major contenders to take over as the new Kell of Lions, Tariks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skeklos, himself. But would defeat them, by destroying Skrisah's fleet and using the Sky Fallen as pawns to defeat Tariks. He would be free to take over as the new Kell of Lions. But was unfair and more cruel to House, being more of a opposite than Yorvik, his attempts would cause Joskaa, the Open-Minded to investigate and keep an eye on Skeklos. But after creating another corrupt rule, Joskaa would lead a rebellion against Skeklos, with the support of Grayria, Andiks-5, and the rest of his crew, he lead a successful rebellion against the corrupted Kell, and force him to retreat to the Prison of Scars a space station, that became a Prison for the House of Sky to marshall, but Joskaa's fleet would attack the prison and destroyed it, trapping the Fallen Sky inside, and killing Skeklos. Joskaa would learn that Skeklos was the one who helped Sky kill Yorvik, for his own gains, such as taking over as Kell. Joskaa would later began to try to find a new Lion Kell, which led the Lions to crown Joskaa to be the new Kell, as he was more fair, had leadership, and was the one who led the successful rebellion, Joskaa would agree and become the new Kell.


Despite Skeklos's failed plan to become the Kell of Lions, his image would make the Lions remember him as a corrupted leader and a traitor, as well as leading to the events of the Lions moving to the Solar System, as well as Tikmiks, who was the son of Skeklos and plotted revenge against Joskaa, for killing his father, and would free Sky and become their Archon, and building a Prime Servitor to cement his leadership and would lead the House, as the House of Gray. But alas, failed, as the Lions, with the help of The Guardian, would unravel Tikmiks' plan and capture him, and ending his small rebellion. the Gray House would later be defeated and controlled by Joskaa, as he becomes the new Kell of Gray. the House would be separated into to two groups, one that would follow Joskaa's rule, while the other will be locked up within the Kell's Dungeon and would participate in the Kell's Arena, a gladiator match that prisoners or crinimals of the Lions will fight to earn treasures, freedom, and/or respect from the Kell. Tikmiks would try to take part of, due of sentence of fighting within the Arena and would get freedom, if won, but would perish by the Guardian, called up by Joskaa and Magnusk. During in the events of Forsaken, the House of Gray would be broken further, thanks to the Scorn, and would be stuck in a frail state, unable to recover.

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