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"You Humans can keep that Traveler. I am rather content with my current situation."
— Vrylzesk, the Illustrious
Vrylzesk, Emperor Kell
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Vrylzesk, Son of Atrykis
Vrylzesk, Lion Enforcer
Lord Vrylzesk
Baron Vrylzesk
The Secret Child


Lionship Andiks-Fel







Eye color:


Political and military information


House of Lions (formerly)
House of Emperors
Claw of Vrylzesk


Lion Enforcer (formerly)
Baron (acting)
Kell (currently)


Vandal (formerly)
Marauder (presumably)

Notable info:

Former Lion Enforcer
Leader of the Claw of Vrylzesk Syndicate
Kell of the reformed House of Emperors


Vrylzesk (formerly known as Vrylzesk, Son of Atrykis and Vrylzesk, the Illustrious) is the son of Atrykis, the Kell of Emperors and Seriviks, the former Archon of the House of Lions. Once a skilled Lion Enforcer, Vrylzesk left the House sometime after Red War, working as a freelancer before being annexed into the House of Emperors. However, after breaking off from a revolt, Vrylzesk formed the Claw of Vrylzesk within the Reef, aboard his Ketch, known as Vrylzesk's Palace of Luxury. Later on, he became the acting Kell to the House of Emperors, hoping to lead them on a better path.


The Secret Child[edit]

"The Lions don't like it when some of their nobility or whatnot conceive children with low members. So, I was raised in secrecy. When I came of age and was introduced, no one on my team knew I was the son of a Lion Baron and the Archon Priestess. In fact, very few people knew that Atrykis was my father and Seriviks my mother. To everyone else, I was just a normal ordinary Lion."
— Vrylzesk

Vrylzesk was born as the result of a secret relationship between the Archon, Seriviks of the House of Lions and Atrykis the Aggressor, one of the Lion Barons. Vrylzesk was born on the lower decks of Lionship Andiks-Fel during the Lions' arrival to the Sol System. Unbeknownst to Joskaa or any of the Lions, Vrylzesk was raised in complete secrecy by his mother and father. Occasionally, one of his parents would sneak him out to explore other areas of the vessel, but nothing more.

Around the time of the Taken War, Vrylzesk, now a Vandal, was introduced into the House of Lions as a new recruit. Others were completely oblivious to his past, for it was a well kept secret by Atrykis and a few trusted friends in their inner circle. Vrylzesk served the House of Lions well, eventually becoming a Lion Enforcer sometime later.

Freelancer Days[edit]

Sins of the Father[edit]

Vrylzesk's Claw[edit]

Rise of the Emperors[edit]

The Void Within[edit]

"Joskaa, this is Vrylzesk. I know it's been a while but time is of essence. The Traditionalists forces you were looking for? They're here on Earth, scouring the ruins of some Golden Age City. I'm on my way to intercept them, got an old friend on the job, but you need to alert the Vanguard and our Guardian friend. Otherwise, the war against the Black Fleet will be nothing next to what will come..."
— Vrylzesk alerting Joskaa about the Sanctum Heralds


  • Atrykis, father†
  • Seriviks, mother†
  • Joskaa, uncle
    • Joskaa II, cousin
    • Leksis, cousin
    • Vaksis, cousin
    • Seriviks Vhal, cousin
    • Tartraks, cousin
    • Nemkis, cousin


"Hey...that's mother's weapon you've got, yeah? You don't mind if I...actually, on second thought, go ahead and keep it. It belongs by your side. May it serve you as well as it did to her."
— when entering Vrylzesk's Palace of Luxury, with The Jackal's Howl equipped

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