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"We are the Claw of Vrylzesk, and our superior requests your presence."
— Yralaks, Claw of Vrylzesk
Claw of Vrylzesk
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Vrylzesk, the Illustrious
Yralaks, Claw of Vrylzesk
Valus Thua'aulk


Xiliks, Vrylzesk's Favoured
Eshris, DJ Servitor


Vrylzesk's Palace of Pleasure


Rise of the Emperors


The Claw of Vrylzesk is a Fallen Syndicate, identified by their silver rounded armor and gray cloaks. Lead by Vrylzesk, the Illustrious, it is currently working with Guardians and House of Lions against the House of Emperors. They are also renowned for including ex-Skyburners from the Cabal Military in their ranks. Following Atrykis's demise, the Claw was merged into Vrylzesk's reformed House of Emperors