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"We are not 'Fallen'. We are not scavengers. We are Eliksni, and we shall rule the stars once again."
— Atrykis, Emperor Kell
Atrykis, Emperor Kell
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Atrykis, the Aggressor
Atrykis, The Betrayer (titled by the House of Lions)
Atrykis, Kell of Kells
The Uniter
Advent of the New Empire









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House of Kings (formerly)
Joskaa's Crew (formerly)
House of Lions (formerly)
House of Emperors (currently)





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Former ally of Joskaa, Lion Kell
Fought during the Gray Wars
Kell of the House of Emperors

Atrykis, Emperor Kell
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House of Emperors

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Empire's End





Atrykis, the Agressor
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House of Lions (alternate Dimension)

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Nightmare Unyielding


Shock Blades
Null Cannon


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Summon Skiff
Fallen Melee
Summon Overpowered Servitors


Atrykis, Emperor Kell (formerly known as Atrykis, the Aggressor and Atrykis, Lion Baron) is a Fallen Kell, former noble of the House of Lions and current ruler of the House of Emperors. In a similar fashion to Skolas, Atrykis seeks to unite all the Fallen Houses under his rule, and eventually annihilate both the Traveler and its Guardians


Life with Kings[edit]

"Wait, I believe I seen you with the House of Kings, Who might you be again?"
"Atrykis. It's an honor to meet you, Joskaa.
Joskaa and Atrykis meeting for the first time, translated from Eliksni

After the events of the Whirlwind, Atrykis was born under the House of Kings, but his mother and father were killed during his childhood during a Skiff accident. Like many whom were born after the Whirlwind, Atrykis was docked to a Dreg when he grew to a certain age. Atrykis' life was very harsh, even for a young Eliksni, but still prevailed and helped assisted his House, however, during his life he would meet Feeshaa and her family during their travels, and befriended her son and daughter, Joskaa and Seriviks. Later on he would soon climb up the ranks and became a Captain, as well as forming his own crew. His cruel life would later turn him into a ruthless, but sometimes fair warrior, which would sometimes cause his crew to be affected by his rage to the point of betraying him. At some point, Atrykis would end up in a attack led a group of Silent Fang from the House of Wolves to steal supplies from Kings, but despite the Kings fending off the attacking Wolves, Atrykis would however end up stranded on a unknown planetoid within a Star System and was abandoned by his crew in their act of revenge against Atrykis for all he's done. Atrykis would later wander within the Star System on his own, living without a House and only him and his Blades to protect himself.

Joining the Lions[edit]

Atrykis's journey eventually lead to him encountering the House of Lions and was reunited with Joskaa and Seriviks and joined their crew of rag-tag Fallen and Freelancers that Joskaa and Seriviks befriended. Atrykis would begin to help assist the crew in their adventures and run in and out jobs. Atrykis would later become very known within the crew for his ruthlessness, earning the title "The Aggressor", and help with Joskaa in maintaining his crew. He also took up a few freelancing jobs outside the crew, doing anything to earn a little extra Herealways for himself or his friends. Atrykis would soon participate in the Gray Wars against the Fallen House of Sky.

The Gray Wars[edit]

Arriving Sol[edit]

Rise of Gray[edit]

Attempted Revolt and Incarceration[edit]

As the years passed on, however, Atrykis slowly developed an obsession over restoring the Eliksni civilization and Golden Age, as well as a hatred towards the Last City that lead to the downfall of his people. He tried numerous times to convince Joskaa to not trust the humans, but to no avail. Eventually, Atrykis reached a breaking point and gathered his closest associates together to stage a coup along with his close friends Akildis, Rising Archon Egroskyk, and a fellow Captain, Sorysk.

Eventually in the months following the SIVA Crisis, Atrykis launched his revolt targeting key assets across the House of Lions. During the final phase, Joskaa managed to lure Atrykis and his followers into a trap on Andiks-Fel, where he challenged the Usurper in a one-on-one duel. However, Joskaa got the upper hand during the dual and Atrykis lost. He, along with his remaining followers, were sentenced to the Kell's Dungeon. However, Egroskyk, who managed to evade capture, lead a prison break and managed to free Atrykis and his associates, who quickly fled the Reef and made way towards the Outer System on a stolen Skiff.

Emperor of the Eliksni[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

Long Live the Emperor[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]

"You may know him as a tyrant and ruthless leader currently, but he wasn't always like that..."
— Vrylzesk, on the subject of his father

Atrykis grew up in a very rough time for the Eliksni, due to the events of the Whirlwind, which caused the Fallen to abandon their home in search for the Traveler. But despite this, he did his best to hold out hope that someday, his people would prosper again once more. He often spent his time alone, reading on tales of old Eliksni heroes. He was seen as a respectable warrior in his earlier years, accepting defeat and being pleasant towards his opponents. However, he did have a more bitter and cruel side to him, which festered after he was betrayed. Despite this, he held faith that the Fallen would eventually prevail.

However, faith would slowly fade away into ambition and vengeance, as he tried to turn other Fallen, including his own House, against the Last City and the Traveler. It grew so much that he tried to take manners into his own hands, leading to his own betrayal. Though he accepted what happened that day, he still holds some remorse for showing such disloyalty to his bretheren.

Atrykis was also seen as a musical type of person. After salvaging an old string based instrument in one run, he repaired it and grew a certain love for music, which he often showed to others. His allies often joked that in another universe, had the Whirlwind not occured, Atrykis would've probably been a famed musician. Even after he began to grow bitter, he kept playing music, as it always seemed to calm him.


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