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"We are not 'Fallen'. We are not scavengers. We are Eliksni, and we shall rule the stars once again."
— Atrykis, Emperor Kell
Atrykis, Emperor Kell
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Atrykis, the Agressor
Atrykis, The Betrayer (titled by the House of Lions)
Atrykis, Kell of Kells
The Uniter
Advent of the New Empire









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House of Kings (formerly)
Joskaa's Crew (formerly)
House of Lions (formerly)
House of Emperors (currently)





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Former ally of Joskaa, Lion Kell
Fought during the Gray Wars
Kell of the House of Emperors

Atrykis, Emperor Kell
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House of Emperors

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Empire's End





Atrykis, the Agressor
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House of Lions (alternate Dimension)

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Nightmare Unyielding


Shock Blades
Null Cannon


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Summon Skiff
Fallen Melee
Summon Overpowered Servitors


Atrykis, Emperor Kell (formerly known as Atrykis, the Aggressor and Atrykis, Lion Baron) is a Fallen Kell, former noble of the House of Lions and current ruler of the House of Emperors. In a similar fashion to Skolas, Atrykis seeks to unite all the Fallen Houses under his rule, and eventually annihilate both the Traveler and its Guardians


Life with the House of Kings[edit]

"I saw you back in The Hollowed Lair. Who might you be, again?"
"Atrykis. It's an honor to meet you, Joskaa.
Joskaa and Atrykis meeting for the first time, translated from Eliksni

Atrykis began his life in the House of Kings. His mother died in childbirth, and his father was killed sometime beforehand in a Skiff accident. Like most post-Whirlwind Fallen upon birth, he was docked of his lower arms and made a Dreg. Life was harsh for most dregs, many of which do not survive, but Atrykis proved himself and was permitted to regrow his arms as a Vandal. He became a skilled munitions officer, eventually forging his own Null Cannon from scratch. Climbing through the ranks of the Kings, he became a Captain and participated in his House's war against the House of Wolves. During one battle, Atrykis found himself to be severely wounded, having lost one of his arms.

After barely making his way back to The Hollowed Lair, he was healed by Fesshsa and her family, who had recently moved into the Kings. While he regrew his arm, he befriended Joskaa and his sister Seriviks, both of whom he admired. When Joskaa's family left, Atrykis continued to fight until the war was over, and eventually left the Kings to follow in Joskaa's and his siblings' footsteps.

Joining the Lions[edit]

Atrykis's journey eventually lead him to the asteroid belt of an unknown solar system, which was home to the House of Lions. After being recruited, he reunited with Joskaa and later joined his crew. Adopting the name 'the Aggressor', Atrykis fought alongside his new allies, helping them on numerous bounties. When the crew received their own ketch, Atrykis applied his earlier training from the Kings and worked as a gunner on the vessel.

The Gray Wars[edit]

Arrival at the Reef[edit]

Gray's Return[edit]

Attempted Revolt and Incarceration[edit]

As the years passed on, however, Atrykis slowly developed an obsession over restoring the Eliksni, and a hatred towards the Great Machine that lead to the downfall of his people. He tried numerous times to convince Joskaa to not trust the humans, to no avail. Eventually, Atrykis reached a breaking point and gathered his closest associates together to stage a coup along with his wife Akildis, his children Prerlysk and Afreklyn, Rising Archon Egroskyk, and fellow Captain Sorysk.

Eventually in the months following the SIVA Crisis, Atrykis launched his revolt targeting key assets across the House of Lions. During the final phase, Joskaa managed to lure Atrykis and his followers into a trap on Andiks-Fel, where he challenged the Usurper in a one-on-one duel. However, Joskaa got the upper hand during the dual and Atrykis lost. He, along with his remaining followers, were sentenced to the Kell's Dungeon. However, Egroskyk, who managed to evade capture, lead a prison break and managed to free Atrykis and his associates, who quickly fled the Reef and made way towards the Outer System on a stolen Skiff.

Emperor of the Eliksni[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

Long Live the Emperor[edit]


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  1. ^ Despite Atrykis had a relationship with Seriviks, as well as her, being the mother of Vrylzesk, it has been never mentioned of her being Atrykis's consort.