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"Tonight...Akildis joins the hunt!"
— Akildis announcing herself to Atrykis
Akildis, Baron Empress
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Akildis, the Huntress
The Eliksni Empress







Political and military information


House of Exile (formerly)
House of Lions (formerly)
House of Emperors (currently)


Fallen Queen

Notable info:

Baron Empress of the Fallen House of Emperors


Akildis is the Baron Empress of the House of Emperors and mate of Atrykis, Emperor Kell. She is also a renowned huntress of the Hive and leader of the Emperor's Hand.


The Exile Huntress[edit]

Akildis was born into the House of Exile on the Moon, alongside her brother, Egroskyk. Their mother was a former member of the House of Devils before she was promptly exiled. After their mother died of unknown causes, Akildis and Egroskyk were left on their own within the House. Rarely interacting with their compatriots, if at all, the twins spent their adult lives hunting the Hive around Hellmouth, with Akildis taking a Cleaver as a trophy sometime during her hunts.

Eventually, the two were found looting an abandoned installation on the moon when they encountered a team sent down by the House of Lions, lead by none other than Atrykis. Atrykis demanded their surrender at first, but Akildis and Ergoskyk refused and fought back. Though they were able to box off Atrykis from the rest of his team and nearly killed him during their duel, they were eventually beaten by the Lion Baron, who shot a power conduit that electrocuted and stunned Akildis before tackling Ergoskyk.

Instead of killing them, however, Atrykis invited Akildis and her brother into the House of Lions, impressed with their strength, invited them to join the House of Lions. The twins agreed and the two were brought back to the Lions' Run and made full fledged members of the Lions.