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Battle of Verses

The Void Crisis



Pyrrhic Solar Coalition/Ancient victory

  • Kothal incapacitated
  • Sanctum Heralds and Emperor Traditionalists utterly destroyed, trace elements of Gaia Exploratory and Kothal's Brood remain
  • Veilgate Network rendered completely inoperable
  • Nezarec awoken from his slumber

Solar Coalition

Forces of The Void

Various Third Parties

  • Renegade Hive Broods

Last City:

The Reef:

AJ's Host

Eternal Brotherhood

House of Lions

Emperor Reformists


Last City:

The Reef:

Eternal Brotherhood

House of Lions/Emperors:

  • Numerous Guardians and Fallen
  • Approximately 1/5 of the Eternal Order's manpower
  • Most leadership destroyed
  • Hive Broods: Total
Civilian casualties

Majority of inhabitants of the Village of Haven


"We just might be doomed...and this time I mean it."

The Void Crisis was a massive system wide conflict fought between the inhabitants of the Solar System and the forces of the Elder Ones. Although the Crisis technically began when the Sanctum Heralds were manipulated by Kothal's psychic whispers, the conflict officially begun when they opened the Grand Veilgate and unleashed inhabitants of the Void upon the material plane.


Prelude: The Void Unfurls[edit]

Invasion of the Decrepit Wastes[edit]

Coalition Response[edit]

The Grand Veilgate[edit]

Veilgate Incursions[edit]

Legacy of the Ancients[edit]

Breaking the Scions[edit]

Nezarec Awakens[edit]