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Sanctum Heralds


Material Void


Heretical Guardian Order

Other names:

The Heretics (Ikora Rey and Praxic Order)
Children of the Gods
The Defilers (Vrylzesk)
Madmen (Brayden-4 and AJ)


The Void Crisis


Scyva, Advent of Madness (Warlocks)
Akildis, Kell of Emperors (House of Emperors)


"We have forever been enslaved by the Gardener and the Winnower. From the depths of the Void, we shall at long last be free!"
Scyva, Advent of Madness

The Sanctum Heralds are a cult of renegade Guardians who worship the Void Deity Kothal. Originally a branch of Praxic Order Warlocks deployed to annihilate all traces of the Darkness on Earth, they were enticed by Kothal, who whispered from the Void, which led them to open a massive Veilgate beneath Earth's crust, unleashing horrid abominations on its inhabitants. They are currently engaged in a war with The Last City and its allies, seeking to bring Kothal through the Veilgate and into the material universe.




The Void Crisis[edit]