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This article is about the Void. For the ability, see Elemental Damage.

The Void is described as a place it is absence of the Light and Matter, and the source of Void energy, also called "Secret Light".[1]



Many thought that the Void is often described as being something dark, when it is described as being the absence of both the dark and the light, as well as freed from matter[2], also described as the Vacuum that lies beneath the material universe.[3] Even through meditations can let Guardians enter the Void, also described as the Nothing, expansive and deep.[4]

While many Warlocks are known to use the Void, there are other classes of Guardians that use the power of the Void, such as the Nightstalkers with their Shadowshots.[5][6] It is even described as being something that is addicting, that it was easy to use, but to let go was hard, to open a hole with the Void, and draw from the deep, described as being heavy too.[7] Variks, Kell of Kells asked if whether the Guardians really control the Void, or if the Void controls them.[8]

It is described as the infinities between spaces[9], Where beyond the void lies other worlds, and that there are items that lets them access.[10]

Ulan-Tan once said that if Light stretches across space and time, then what does the Void, the absence, the vacuum have to play? what stops the Darkness from entering the void between stars? He says the answer is that the Void is simply another form of light.[11]

The Vex are even able to have access to the Void too, through the means existing in time, like how The Undying Minds dwell within those voids, and how they can take the desired locations and remove them from the universe into the Void.[12] And the Vault of Glass is described as a "Timeless Void"[13] and how Guardians that enter it are "Marked by the Void".

The Hive are capable of influencing the Void too, such as how Savathûn uses one of her long claws to stroke the Void and space-time groans beneath it.[14] Taox said that their race escaped The Hungry Void to the planet Fundament.[15] The Hive seem to be drawn to the masters of the Void too.[16]

There are even times where you are annihilated down to your particles and pulled through the void from one place to another reality.[17] The Thanatonauts once said that the Void is a place between the briefest moment of death and rebirth, the pause.[18] Which one should not fear death when they enter the Void upon their expiration.[19]

Servitors of the Fallen Houses are related to the Void as well, as during before the Reef Wars, when Mara Sov released her Harbinger on the House of Wolves, their Servitors reported to have a "strange taste in the Void" when the Harbringers attacked.[20] It even has a faint scent which smells of Ozone.[21]

Former Cabal Emperor Calus once stared into the infinite void and how he described that it stared back at him, that he would become it's herald for when it comes to consume the universe once and for all.[22]

Power of the Void[edit]

This is not be confused with Elemental Damage

The Traveler was able to travel through the Void to other places in the universe and is full of power, that even Guardians dive right into the Void without fear and reshape reality, utilizing the unknown.[23] Some Guardians like Pahanin are described as the living embodiments of the Void, that where he points, even powerful beasts dies.[24] Tyra Karn makes a point that practicing the use of the Void is akin to the old earth's Shamans who cover their eyes to commune with the dead as they were the first pioneers.[25] Even some weapons harnesses the power from the Void too[26]. Including Thorn which it describes to feast on that which the Void siphons.[27] Some Items can even draw upon the essence of the Void when a Guardian dies and resurrected to be used on their enemies.[28] When there is little light to draw on in certain areas, other items can draw power from the Void for their abilities. Ikora stated that the Void is negation, and Guardians would become the ultimate negators, this would make sense with some of the Guardians abilities such as Titans' Suppression Grenades and Shadowshots which negates the abilities of their enemies.[29] With using a Vortex Grenade, the target get’s enveloped by the Void and is ripped apart and eaten away by it.[30]


  • During Festival of the Lost, when delivering Elemental Candy called Void Fizz to Eris Morn, she states that it is “A strange way to exploit the power of the Void.“[31]
  • Banshee-44 used to know something really important about the Void, but due to his short term memory, it is likely impossible.[32]
  • The Ghost stated that Taken Vex are "Void Robots", this would imply that the Taken are beings of the Void.[33]

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