Inquisition of Self

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The Inquisition of Self is a practice used by the Hive to transfer their living consciousnesses into different bodies. It is considered one of the greatest heresies against the Sword Logic as weaker Hive can use the ritual to transfer their bodies to stronger forms, violating the main practice of growth through the tithe system.

The first instance of the practice was seen being used by the three siblings Akrazul, Azavath and Malkanth when they believed that the Daughters of Crota were unfit to lead the forces of the lunar Hive. Tricked into conducting the ritual by Savathûn, the Witch Queen, Malkanth transferred the essences of Akrazul and Azavath so that the former's stronger essence can be transferred into the latter's stronger body. However Akrazul's hatred proved too powerful for Azavath's body to handle, turning into a mindless monstrosity that rampaged through the Necropolis of the Moon, killing both Azavath (who was now in Akrazul's body), Malkanth, and various other Hive that stood in its way.

Later on, Savathûn would use the Inquisition to transfer Azavath's essence into Malkanth's now dead body and gift her the power of the Deathsong in order to re-create the Choir, an ancient group of Hive Deathsingers and to put a stop to the rampaging Akrazul.[1][2]