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Iriksi Syndicate


Iriksi, Monsoon Baroness
Ozryc, Rogue Flayer
Aztaal, Ether Priest
Maviks, the Exiled


Monsoon Servitors


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"So why don't I call it the 'House of Monsoon'? Well, it'd have to be a real House for that."
Iriksi, Monsoon Baroness

The Iriksi Syndicate is a renegade Fallen organization led by the Baroness, Iriksi, stationed on Phobos. Nowadays it works closely with the Last City to help fight against its enemies. The syndicate is unique in that it has Red Legion deserters, rogue Scorn and even some Guardians in its ranks in addition to Fallen who have left their Houses.



Iriksi, who was then a Baroness of the House of Kings, and even before that of the House of Rain, left her house after the Fallen's repeated failures at the hands of Humanity, having lost all hope of trying to reclaim the Great Machine. But instead of letting her people continue to suffer and be pushed to the brink of extinction, she decided to build a safehouse, for Eliksni like her who grew tired of fighting hopeless battles, to seek shelter from their enemies and to live without fear of their Kells or being docked and reduced to a Dreg. This safe haven was established in the ruins of Australia. Initially, the syndicate had very few members, but as time passed by and things grew more and more desperate for the Fallen, it would begin to grow, and soon enough there would be dozens living under Iriksi's protection.

The Vanguard eventually started to become aware of the syndicate's existence, and out of fear of being killed by Guardians, it seemed to have all but disappeared.

However, it did not disappear, but instead relocated to Phobos to avoid further detection, and it continues to remain there to this day.

The Rogue Guardians[edit]

"They are Lightbearers. They are the ones who slaughter us by the thousands and extinguish are hope, the ones you sought to hide our people from. Now you let them live among us....why?
I am not sure...perhaps I have had a change of heart when it comes to the Guardians after these years. Fighting against them as enemies never really did help us after all.
Velaks-3 and Iriksi

The Iriksi Syndicate would, after some time, fall under attack by the Taken; remnants of Oryx's army that remained on Phobos even long after the Taken War. Fortunately the members of the syndicate managed to defend themselves well from the assault, but the Taken were relentless and would not retreat.

As the war continued, a lone Hunter by the name of Elias would come to the moon in search of a place to settle down. He stumbled onto the battleground, and helped the Fallen fend off the invasive Taken. The Guardian had been cast out from the Last City for sympathizing with the Eliksni and had spent his days alone, with little food and companionship. Upon learning this after talking with the Guardian, Iriksi did what very few Fallen would've done in her place at the time; she invited Elias to join the syndicate for shelter. The Hunter agreed, and while there were not many Fallen who took kindly to his presence at first, he was eventually accepted as one of them.

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