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The Void


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Nezarec, Final God of Pain

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The Void is a remnant race of entities from the Void Dimension.

Unique Forces[edit]


  • Parasite: A small, oozing sentient puddle that seeks out nearby Guardians, latches onto them, and starts draining their health.
    • Helminth: Moves faster and slows Guardians once attached.
    • Bacterium: Leaves an infectious trail that inflicts a poison effect. Drains health faster when attached.
    • Virus: Capable of lobbing acid balls that leave a corrosive pool. Inflicts a blackness effect when attached.
  • Crawler: Short, spider-like entities armed with venomous fangs.
    • Spiked Crawler: Can unleash a short-range blast of spikes from its abdomen.
    • Venomous Crawler: Can fire a short-range toxic web that ensnares and poisons Guardians.
    • Scorpion: Can fire long-range corrosive webs with its bladed stinger, which doubles as a melee weapon. Uses its claws to grab players.
  • Basilisk: Long, snakelike projections that burrow deep underground to ambush players from below with a venomous bite.
    • Constrictor: Can uses its muscular body to hold Guardians in place and strangle them to death.
    • Black Mamba: Can rapidly slither across the ground before unleashing a flurry of bites that inflict a stacking poison effect with each bite.
    • Cobra: Can fire medium-range venom blobs from its fangs to inflict blurry vision. Has a venom-coated blade on its tail that slows its victims. Uses its hood to release a short-range acid spray.
  • Raptor: Large formations of raptorial birds that pick at their targets from above.
    • Night Owl: Fires a focus beam from its eyes which blinds its target before using their sharp beak to grab Guardians and swallow them whole.
    • Eagle: Can divebomb their victims with their talons to pin them to the ground and use their beaks to pluck at their shields and health.
    • Teratorn: Can use its talons to lift its victim high into the air and drop back down to smash them into the ground before swooping in again to puncture their armor.
  • Panther: Giant, big cat shadows that chase down and attack Guardians with powerful jaws and teeth and sharp claws.
    • Jaguar: Pins its target down with its claws to bite into their heads, instantly killing them. Can be prevented by shooting its mouth.
    • Lion: Can unleash a short-range roar that knocks back Guardians. Uses its claws to inflict a bleeding effect on its victim.
    • Sabertooth: Can use its long canine teeth as external melee weapons that inject a slowness-inducing venom. Swipes its claws much faster than typical Panthers.
  • Canine: Giant, wild dog shadows that hunt in packs and repeatedly bite their prey to death.
    • Wolf: Unleashes a long-range howl to slow down Guardians and rally other Wolves to attack.
    • Hyena: Can eject a medium-range stomach acid spitball. Uses their teeth to tear off Guardians' health to inject a toxic ooze that disables recovery for a short time.
    • Rabid Dog: Runs incredibly quickly and can teleport short distances. Leaves a poison trail behind them. Inflicts the "Rabid" debuff when biting, which causes Guardians to perform different actions that intended and rapidly drains their health.


  • Ghost: Floating sentient souls that can manipulate their surroundings to confuse Guardians and attack by punching them.
    • Possessor: A bodysnatcher that briefly takes over the mind of one Guardian at random and controls their actions.
    • Ghoul: Can turn invisible for a brief moment to flank their victims from behind.
    • Poltergeist: Can manipulate Guardians themselves by dragging and swinging them around, damaging them upon impact.
  • Butcher: Armed with a small blade and can dash short distances.
    • Spearman: An agile spear-wielding warrior that can either throw their poison-tipped spear for long-ranged combat or unleash a repeated series of jabs up close.
    • Swordsman: Heavily armored. Equipped with a long edged blade that summons forth a small tornado upon stabbing the ground, carrying Guardians towards the Swordsman.
    • Scrake: Large, hulking, high-health psychopaths armed with chainsaws that can tear Guardians to shreds and makes them bleed. Can smash the ground unleash a concussive shockwave. Performs a shoulder ram attack when on low health.
  • Sorcerer: Dark wizards that can unleash rapid-fire darkness blasts with their staffs, which can also summon a barrier around themselves, which provides shielding to other Void forces.
    • Pyromancer: Can fire long-range flame seeker projectiles or unleash a close-range stream of fire to burn Guardians. Summons a barrier that provides Solar shielding to other Void forces.
    • Cryomancer: Can fire long-range ice shards or unleash a close-range ice cone to freeze Guardians. Summons a barrier that provides Arc shielding to other Void forces.
    • Necromancer: Can fire seeking poison bolts or charged acid sprays with their scythes, which is also a melee weapon. Summons a barrier that provides Void shielding to other Void forces.
  • Gunman: Trained soldiers armed with a semi-automatic rifle that fires concussive rounds, slowing their targets for a short time. Carries a tactical knife for close combat.
    • Hitman: Armed with dual pistols with bayonets attached to each of them. Fires bladed rounds, causing their targets to bleed for a short time. Can move incredibly quickly.
    • Watcher: Armed with a marksman rifle that fires high-impact knockout rounds, which heavily blur and distort Guardians' vision. Can remain invisible while standing in place.
    • Spearhead: Armed with an assault rifle that fires incendiary rounds, which burns away at Guardians' shields. Capable of throwing a flashbang grenade to blind their targets.
  • Paladin: Heavily-armored, shield-bearing infantry armed with heavy weaponry. Most commonly seen with spiked flails that cause shockwaves and puncture armor.
    • Nullifier: Armed with an energy gauntlet that can slam the ground to create a sphere that briefly suppresses Guardian abilities. Can use their shield as a battering ram.
    • Autogunner: Armed with a one-handed machine gun that fires corrosive rounds, which heavily degrade Guardians' resilience. Can use their shield as an electric pulse wave emitter.
    • Bombardier: Armed with a one-handed rocket launcher that fires seeking radioactive warheads, which detonate in a gigantic radius and emit high-damaging nuclear poison clouds. Can use its shield as a boomerang and smashing weapon.