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Nezarec, Final God of Pain
Biographical information




The Void


Shadow God



Combat information


Touch of Malice
Void Black Spindle
Nezarec's Truth
Nezarec's Blade


Void Dimension
Dome of the Void
Bullet Deflection
Midair Levitation
Null Teleport
Poison of Nezarec
Favor of Oryx
Withering Nail
Ionizing Radiation
Seeker of Truth
Bleeding Regret
Banishment Wave
Shrieker's Barrage
Void Axion Bomb
Crippled Debuff
Void Spikewall
Spikewall Collision
Void Thunderbolt
Void Aftershocks
Void Thunderblast
Flame of the Void
Void Eruption
Void Energy Shield
Shadow Vanish
Voidwalker Blink
Warlock Glide
Rapid Flight
Void Trace Beam
Slowness Effect
Dragged Debuff
Hook and Slash
Chained by the Void
Energy Devouring
Fury of the Void
Nezarec's Frenzy
Weight of the Void
Energy Javelin
Void Javelin Storm
Energy Channel
Channeling Blast
Blindness Effect
Cataclysm Bomb
Cataclysm Vortex
Cataclysm Dart
Weapons Jammed
Null Pillar Reflex
Null Pillar Sentry
Shade of Nezarec
Drained of Light
Shadow's Consumption
Focused Arc Burst
Feedback Aura
Disruption Effect
Shocking Effect
Focused Solar Burst
Ignition Effect
Armor Sundered
Redness Effect
Focused Void Burst
Poisoned Effect
Haze of Distortion
Blackout Effect
Suppression Effect
Shockstorm Blitz
Scorchstorm Blitz
Nullstorm Blitz
Harrowed Chains
Harrowed Smash
Hallucination Effect
Null Earthquake
Null Wave Debris
Ward of Dusk
Pulses of Dusk
Void Overshield
Antimatter Blast
Void Adaptation
Flame of Nezarec
Gaze of Nezarec
Black Hole Space
Crushed by the Void
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Shades


"Greetings, Guardian. I am Nezarec, overseer of the Void, the purest light, the darkest hour. I wish to grace you with the blessing of this dimension. Accept my offering, and you will be more powerful than you could ever imagine. If you stand by me, I will be eternally grateful. If not, well, remember that I have a balance to uphold. To disrupt it is to spell disaster for the universe at large."
— Nezarec introducing himself to The Guardian

Nezarec, Final God of Pain is a deity who oversees and controls the Void Dimension. He transcends all known power in the universe and seeks the downfall of all who refuse his offerings of the Void.


"I made myself very clear. The balance between Light and Dark must be preserved, Guardian, for if one sides takes over, the universe will suffer entropy. And unfortunately, entropy is what you will get."
— Nezarec's final words before he challenges The Guardian.

Main Weapons & Abilities[edit]

When inside his dome, Nezarec will use one of three weapons. His primary weapon is a heavily modified Touch of Malice that fires high-velocity rounds which inflict a stacking poison effect, increasing the damage per tick for every shot fired; the weapon's rate of fire and velocity increases each time the poison deals damage. Nezarec's secondary weapon is a modified Black Spindle that fires Void rounds which cause a disorientation effect upon impact, causing Guardians' view to blur and swirl, limiting their awareness; if three consecutive shots are landed, the weapon's damage dramatically increases for a short time, allowing it to instantly kill Guardians with one shot. For emergency situations, Nezarec uses a heavily modified Truth that fires seeking warheads which emit a radiation cloud upon detonation, temporarily inflicting a debuff that drains Guardians' shields and health, causes them to perform different actions than intended, and prevents them from jumping; kills with this weapon increase the warhead's blast radius and velocity as well as the radius of the radiation cloud. When outside the dome, Nezarec employs a one-handed greatblade that, upon a hit, will cause its target to bleed and have their field of view turn red; this blade can also fire energy waves that push Guardians backward upon impact.

Nezarec's mere presence is enough to cause the arena to enter a Void Dimension state, which will completely disable recovery, increase damage taken, and decrease the recharge rate and damage of all Light-based abilities. His dome not only protects him from all damage, but any shots directed at it will be deflected back at whoever shot it. It also will levitate him around the arena and occasionally teleport from one location to another. From within this dome, he will cast numerous attacks depending on the direction he is facing:

  • If directly in front of the player, Nezarec will cast a barrage of Void seeker projectiles akin to a Shrieker. This attack's rate of fire increases the longer it is cast.
  • If behind the player, he will summon a large Axion Dart that will slow and weaken its target upon impact.
  • If facing the player from the sides, Nezarec will summon a wall of Void spikes that will shove its victim aside and cause puncture wounds in them, rapidly depleting their health. This can also crush Guardians if it is stopped by another wall.
  • If above the player, he will summon forth a thunderbolt that strike the ground and linger, creating an electric field that will strip away at shields and health if walked through. Eventually, this field will detonate, dealing massive damage in a wide radius.
  • If underneath the player, Nezarec will summon a circle of Void fire that will burn away at everything in its radius before eventually erupting into a giant fiery column that will instantly kill anything that it comes into contact with.

When out of the dome, Nezarec is surrounded with a Void energy shield and will frequently vanish from sight and teleport across the arena. He will occasionally lift himself off the ground, enabling him to fly through the air. Similarly to being within his dome, Nezarec will use varying attacks in correspondence to the direction he faces the players in:

  • If directly in front of the player, he will charge up a beam with his other hand that will continuously fire like a Trace Rifle. Once it hits a target, the beam will latch on to them, damaging them over time, slowing them down and even dragging them towards Nezarec at high speed, before instantly getting slashed to pieces.
  • If behind the player, he will summon chains coming from beneath the ground to lock one random Guardian and their equipped weapon in place. Nezarec will then devour that Guardians' health and ability charge. This will temporarily grant him higher damage resistance to both his health and shield as well as increased attack rates and damage. If this kills the Guardian, then Nezarec will gain a short period of complete immunity and increased movement speed. Using melee attacks can break the chains, although after being freed, they will be inflicted with a debuff that temporarily prevents jumping as well as melee attacks.
  • If facing the player from the sides, he will cast a Void javelin and throw it at one Guardian at random. Upon impact, it will summon a storm of smaller javelins to rain down on that location. Eventually, the main javelin will create a focus point that will channel energy, draining Guardians' shield and health in the process before detonating in a large radius. Anyone who withstands the blast is temporarily blinded.
  • If above the player, Nezarec will launch a large Nova Bomb that seeks its target and creates smaller seeker projectiles upon detonating and leaves a highly damaging vortex in its wake. The seeker projectiles temporarily jam the players' equipped weapon upon impact, preventing it from firing.

Nightfall Dimension[edit]

As Nezarec sends in waves of Shadows for backup, the player will notice three tall columns with a glyph plate on each. Approaching these pillars will cause it to activate both a concussive blast, that knocks Guardians back, and a sentry gun that fires high-explosive Void darts at a constant rate. These sentries can be temporarily disabled and reactivate after 30 seconds. Each time a turret is disabled, a Shade of Nezarec will appear.

These shades are puffs of black smoke that will actively pursue the nearest Guardian; if they get close enough, they will leave a trail of black smoke that will swirl around the Guardian and trap them in a tornado that will deal damage over time and eventually drain them of their Light, killing them instantly if the tornado is not shot down by another Guardian. This will revert the shade back to its original state. The shades must be guided towards the sentries, as the latter can only be permanently shut down by the former. A downed sentry will drop an elemental charge for each energy type.

These charges must be placed into slots in the back of the arena, alluded to by the path left on the ground by the elemental symbols above the symbols. Picking up a charge will initiate a ten-second countdown that signifies it will be charging up a burst. The Arc charge's burst will produce burst that will produce feedback that cause blindness and slowness as well as causing a visual disruption of the player's HUD. The Solar charge's burst will knock Guardians upward a fair distance, inflict a burning effect whose damage over time increases each second, and causes the screen to briefly turn red. The Void charge's burst will inflict poison and suppression effects as well as distort the affected Guardian's field of view. Placing the charge in the wrong slot will cause a huge blast respective of that element, which will wipe the whole team. Placing them in the correct slots will cause a series of platforms to appear around the pillars, allowing players to climb upwards and walk onto the glyph plates.

Once on the plates, the player will turn invisible and the plates will lift them upwards to another platform, where there will be a horde of Shadows that they need to get past, as there is a chest on the other end of the large upper platform. If physical contact is made, then the horde attacks, and the chest is locked until the horde is defeated. Inside the chest, are three large sparks of lost Light that must be picked up. As the plates carry the Guardians downward, the sparks must be aimed and thrown at Nezarec's dome to break it. As Nezarec's dome is broken, it will grant the whole team the ability to deal Void damage with all of their weapons and abilities, which will help with breaking his energy shield. Removing Nezarec's shield holds him in place, opening him up to damage to 50 seconds.

Dark Matter Dimension[edit]

At 50% health, the arena will change into a gigantic circular arena surrounded with a black dome. Nezarec will no longer be surrounded by a dome, but his energy shield remains, all of his weapons are active, and his attacks and movements are faster. In addition, he gains new attacks based on how many Guardians are surrounding him within a certain radius:

  • If surrounded by two Guardians, Nezarec will grab them both with bladed whips and toss them around before slamming them against a hard surface.
  • If surrounded by three Guardians, Nezarec will surround himself in black smoke that will cause brief hallucinations in those that get caught in it.
  • If surrounded by four Guardians, Nezarec will slam his greatblade on the ground, conjuring a miniature quake that will forcibly lift Guardians upward and cause damage over time to those caught in the shockwave.
  • If surrounded by five Guardians, Nezarec will summon a Ward of Dusk that will grant him an overshield on top of his Void energy shield, whereas the Ward will remain in place and give off pulses of dark matter that will knock players around for a short time. The radius of each pulse increases the longer the Ward remains. This ward will last for 30 seconds.
  • If surrounded by six Guardians, Nezarec will charge up an antimatter blast, that will instantly kill anyone within its radius.

Nezarec will resist all incoming damage by 90% in this state. There will be Void flames lighted up throughout the arena; running through them will grant both a buff that allows for more damage to be dealt to him and his shield as well as a burning debuff, although this will only allow the player to deal 50% of their normal damage and flames do not stack. After ten seconds the flame will expire, and if the Guardian does not look away from Nezarec, then Nezarec's gaze will instantly kill them. When his health reaches 25%, he will be able to summon a black hole that will pull Guardians towards it for 10 seconds at a time. This attack will be executed once every 90 seconds and the only way to survive is to run in the opposite direction. As Nezarec's health reaches 10%, his damage resistance is increased up to 99%, and the flames buff will be decreased by 50%. As soon as Nezarec's health reaches 5%, he will cause the ceiling to turn into a black energy and fall on the raid team. Nezarec's shield will drop, and he must be downed quickly, lest they be crushed by the weight of the Void. Once his his health reaches 1%, he will vanish from the arena and the black energy will stop falling. Nezarec will return...

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