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Just a question but, why is there so many abilities? ---Virgil the Ghost

Probably because he is such a powerful boss and is supposed to be very difficult to kill. But you should ask Primus Draug'oth about it, he created this boss. Good job btw Primus, if you see this :) Leoasken72 (talk) 15:01, 10 March 2018 (EST)

Nezarec may have very little information surrounding him, but from what we can tell, he is a malevolent god with his own level of power coming from an unknown source. Some abilities may turn out ridiculous, but the way I design my bosses, I want them to be the deadliest enemy in the room, with their own standout attack patterns and mechanics, and with bosses like Nezarec, Khraghul, and Halkris, you will see a lot of both. Oh, and thanks, Leoasken. stickPrimus Draug'oth Can I help you?No, you do it.
Alright, thank you for telling me Primus. ---Virgil the Ghost