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Halkris, the Corrupted King
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King's Vengeance


Viral Gatling
Viral Launcher
Infected Blade


Darkness Dimension
Weapon Immunity
Rapid Flight
Poisoned Effect
Corrupted Effect
Halkris' Watch
Slowness Effect
Darkness Flames
Circle of Fire
Will of Halkris
Shadows Touched
Taken Blight Debuff
Grasp of the King
Corrupted Decree
Light Receding
Blighted Light
Doxology Blast
Dimension Transfer
Viral Dimension
Darkness Sphere
Darkness Bolt
Blackout Effect
Eruption Vortex
Burning Effect
Retaliation Swarm
Axion Dart Cluster
Searing Torrent
Prophecy of Doom
Bombardment Blast
Shade of Halkris
Darkness Plague
Taken Rift Blast
High Durability
Summon Taken


Halkris, the Corrupted King is the sovereign of the Viruses and the new God-King of the Hive.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Halkris has two weapons of choice. For ranged combat, he is armed with a heavily modified Boomer-type weapon with two different functions: Viral Gatling and Viral Launcher. The gatling mode will unleash a constant stream of green energy bolts in full-auto, where the bolts will track their targets and poison them. This poison effect can stack up to 5 times, and whoever has it will leave behind a trail that will also poison those who step in it. The launcher mode fires a large mass of green energy that deals very high damage and inflicts the "Corrupted" debuff upon those within its wide blast radius, where abilities are suppressed and weapon damage is severely reduced. Like with the poison effect, this "Corrupted" effect can spread to other nearby Guardians via trail. Upon detonation, it will also leave behind a large dome that inflicts the same debuff, as well as slowness and damage over time effects for those trapped inside. This dome must be shot down to break free, although the "Corrupted" debuff will still linger for a short time afterwards. For close combat, Halkris will unsheathe a giant Ascendant Sword called an Infected Blade, which will immediately kill upon a direct hit and, when it strikes a surface, it will send forth a long line of green fire that will ignite anyone that steps on it, although the damage over time is much more severe than a regular burning effect, and the effect will only linger if the Guardian is still on the line.

Darkness Dimension[edit]

This encounter will take place in a Darkness Dimension, where health regeneration is greatly limited, ability recharge rates are slowed down, and abilities deal less damage. Halkris will remain immune to all weapon damage throughout the entire fight and fly around the arena attacking with his weapons, flanking the raid team on all sides. Periodically, he will summon circles of black fire on top of all Guardians that will deal damage over time before releasing a detonation that can instantly kill anyone that hasn't gotten out of that respective circle. There will be an onslaught of Viruses from each former race that will appear out of the regular sphere Blights, which will inflicted the "Shadow Touched" effect (where sprinting, health regeneration, jumping abilities, and melee abilities are cancelled), but pay special attention to unique Majors called "Contagions" that come from the domed blights that inflict the "Taken Blight" debuff when inside, where health will periodically be drained. Contagions will remain immune until their respective domed blight is killed, sending them into a backlash for a short time, leaving them vulnerable. Killing them will grant the "Blight Receding" buff, which is needed for killing the regular blights, but leave these alone for now. After all the Contagions are killed, an Ultra Corrupted Colossus called a "Viral Colossus" will appear. He will be resistant to all damage until all the regular blights are killed in a certain order within a time limit. If the wrong blight is killed or it takes too long to kill a blight before it disappears, then Halkris will inflict all Guardians with a debuff called "Grasp of the King", which will rapidly drain all ability charges. The only to counteract this debuff is for those with the "Blight Receding" buff to deal enough damage to the Viral Colossus before the Corrupted Decree spell is cast, immediately killing the entire party. Once enough damage is dealt to him, the Blight will reappear. Once all the blights are killed in the correct order, they will each leave behind a pool of green energy that allowed for full damage capability against the Colossus for those who stand in them. The longer the Guardians stay in the plate, the more stacks of the "Rising Light" buff they receive, allowing Guardians to deal more damage. However, stepping off the plate will decrease the stacks of the buff. If the buff runs out of stacks, then Halkris will cast the Blighted Light spell against them, immediately killing them. The Colossus must be killed as quickly as possible, or else Halkris will cast the Doxology spell, immediately killing everyone. The only way to counteract this effect is to deal enough damage to the Colossus within these intervals. When the Colossus is killed, the plates become fully empowered. Those who stand on them for long enough will be torn between dimensions, and the plates will disappear.

Torn Between Dimensions[edit]

When torn between Dimensions, two effects will be applied: the "Torn Between Dimensions" buff and the "Viral Dimension" debuff. The buff will grant invisibility from the enemies in the material dimension as well as a damage increase against them, but the debuff will suppress Guardian abilities and reduce resilience, mobility, and recovery values by 100%. Darkness Spheres will also periodically appear in this dimension as well, which will poison and slow anyone that steps inside. When in the Viral Dimension, there will be a series of platforms that form a jumping puzzle which will eventually lead to a large upper platform with a series of monuments: a Fallen sigil, a Hive sword, a Vex spire, and a Cabal insignia. These monuments will be immune to damage and launch a special attack respective to their Corrupted counterpart: the sigil will launch Darkness Bolts, the sword will launch fire tornadoes, the spire will fire Retaliation Swarms, and the insignia will fire Axion Darts. Each monument will remain immune until an elite Corrupted enemy that corresponds to it is killed in each dimension, requiring two to be killed: one in the material realm and the other in the Viral realm. Failure to kill each monument in time will result in a special kind of death on the whole team: the sigil will cast Exsanguination, the sword will cast Searing Torrent, the Spire will cast Prophecy of Doom, and the insignia will cast Bombardment. Once the monuments are destroyed, they will each leave behind a pillar of Light that will transport the inside team back outside to the main arena and gain the "Torrential Light" buff, overturning the effects of the Darkness Dimension and Viral Dimension debuffs and drastically decreasing Super and ability cooldowns.

Shade of Halkris[edit]

Back in the main arena, there will be special plates that appear in each corner of the arena. Only those with the buff can stand on them. Standing on it long enough will summon a Shade of Halkris, a smaller, shadowy projection of Halkris himself, except armed with an Infected Blade. Only those with the buff are able to damage the Shade, who can only take damage from abilities and Supers. Once the Shade reaches 50% health, Halkris will cast a plague spell that causes viral particles to appear on the floor that will cause rapid damage over time to those who do not stand on the plates. This plague appears every 20 seconds and lingers for 10 seconds at a time. If the Shade is not killed quickly enough, then a giant Taken rift will appear, and the Shade will retreat inside of it. If this rift is not destroyed quickly enough, then it will collapse, releasing a detonation that will kill the entire team. This rift must be killed quickly to get the Shade to reappear. Once the Shade dies, it will drop a column of Light that will grant the "Boundless Light" buff to any Guardian that runs through it, which almost instantly recharges abilities and Supers. Halkris will then be vulnerable to damage from Guardian Supers and abilities for 45 seconds.