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This article is about the Guardian transport. For the animal, see Hawk (animal).
A view of a Hawk.

The Hawk is a troop carrier VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft that is used by the Last City. It is typically seen making cargo deliveries at the Tower. Hawks are mentioned carrying Guardian reinforcements during The Plaguelands mission by Shiro-4.[1]

During the Red War, it was used as an attack fighter against Red Legion forces; during Homecoming Amanda Holliday used one to drop off The Guardian on The Immortal. Dead Orbit has their own fleet of heavily armed Hawks. They can be seen periodically visiting the Tower Ramparts' Hangar, in the area adjacent to the faction's designated area below the Future War Cult space.

Hawk-type Jumpships[edit]

Some Hawks have also been modified to serve Guardians as personal ships:


  • During the 2013 E3 demo, the Hawk was used by Guardians to deploy outside of the Cosmodrome. This cutscene, as well as the whole sequence, has been replaced by the story mission A Guardian Rises. Hawks are never used by players in the final release of the game.[2]
  • Courtesy of the Warmind expansion, the Hawk is available for players to use as personal Jumpships.
  • In the Shadowkeep Vidoc, Hawks are seen flying over the moon fighting Hive alongside Guardians. They also appear in the final version of the expansion's first mission, A Mysterious Disturbance.
  • During the mission A Symbol of Honor, part of the Beauty in Destruction Quest, a Hawk arrives to assist the Guardian in defending Bannerfall from a Fallen assault, providing fire support with its chin-mounted rotary machine gun.


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