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Lions' Run
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The Reef
2 Pallas

Connecting areas:

Lionship Andiks-Fel



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The Lions' Run is a location in 2 Pallas, The Reef. It was the Lair of the Fallen House of Lions and it also houses the Lionship Andiks-Fel. However, the lair would be abandoned by the House, due to the Scorn invading their den. But, The Guardian would flush out the Scorn and reclaim it. Later on, the location would be attacked by The Jackal Syndicate, an organization formed by Seriviks, the House of Lions' ex-Archon, and the sister of Joskaa, the Kell of Lions, but the Lions would be saved by The Guardian once again. But the Hideout would be deserted again, by the House, after AJ, the Relentless, who was sent by Zavala ordered the House to get out of the area, since the Pyramids were not far from here.

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