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Dusk Tunnel

Nightmare Unyielding


Destiny 2


The Void Within



Recommended Power Level:

2830 (Normal Mode)
2990 (Prestige Mode)


Material Void, The Void


Pursue the Sanctum Heralds through various alternate realities and drive back their god.

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In the death of the Light and the Dark, only the Void shall remain.

Nightmare Unyielding is the flagship raid of The Void Within, and is the first and presumably only of modes within the game, known as a "Mega Raid", due to it's branches having many encounters. It is made available September 14th, 2024. Nightmare Unyielding will take players through the Grand Veilgate and into the depths of The Void, through various Dark Futures and alternate timelines, to destroy the Sanctum Heralds and ensure Kothal never reaches the Material Plane.

Unique Enemies[edit]

House of Emperors (Traditionalists)

  • Barricade Vandal
  • Requiem Captain
  • Requiem Heavy Shank
  • Emperor's Guard

The Sanctum Heralds

  • Councilor Warlock
  • Devastator Warlock

House of Lions

Servants of the Witch

  • Darkbearer Hunter
  • Darkbearer Titan
  • Darkbearer Warlock
  • Darkbearer Knight
  • Darkbearer Ogre
  • Darkbearer Hydra
  • Darkbearer Minotaur


Red Legion

  • Enlightened Legionary
  • Enlightened Phalanx
  • Enlightened Psion
  • Enlightened War Beast
  • Enlightened Centurion
  • Enlightened Gladiator
  • Enlightened Incendior
  • Enlightened Colossus


  • Exo Scout

House of Wolves

The Void


House of Emperors (Traditionalists)

House of Lions

Twilight Council

Dark Guardians


Red Legion


  • ???


House of Wolves

The Sanctum Heralds



  • ARZAYNA: The Sanctum Heralds found it. The Grand Veilgate. The heart of The Void... and a gateway for the rebirth of a sinister evil: Kothal. They plan to merge their world with ours and awaken their god. To unleash a chaos they do not understand. Their success means the end of everything as we knew it... and the beginning of an era of corruption and chaos. They must be annihilated once and for all... so that we can save the universe.

Akildis Encounter

The Nexus

House of Lions Encounter

Twilight Council Encounter

Dark Future Encounter

  • ERIS MORN: We are all Dark, eventually.
  • ANA BRAY: The Darkness cannot thrive while believers of the Light remain. There's a world beyond this conflict. Let's go there together.

Wrathborn Encounter

  • OSIRIS: Lay down your Light and accept this gift that Xivu has bestowed upon me. For she is the true savior.

Red Legion Encounter

  • GHAUL: The Traveler has seen me... and called on me to carry forth its Light. No one... not even you... can end my birthright. My destiny.

Shadowkeepers Encounter


The Grand Veilgate[edit]

The raid starts in the Decrepit Wastes, where Akildis and her remaining Emperor Traditionalists have sealed the Veilgate shut and are barring the Guardians from entering.

The Tenebrous Nexus[edit]

The Teneborous Nexus acts as a hub for the Material Void. There are numerous branches that lead into various alternate realities, which can be completed in any order. The anchors (bosses) of each alternate reality must be killed in order to purify the Nexus and open up the main path. It is the only zone in the raid free of enemies.

Vision of Strife[edit]

The upper left branch of the Nexus leads to a vision of The Last City, under attack by the House of Lions. In this reality, Atrykis managed to convince Joskaa of the errors of humanity and the Traveler, which escalated to an all out war between the Vanguard and the House of Lions. The Anchors of this reality are Joskaa, Seriviks, and Atrykis.

Vision of Corruption[edit]

The lower left branch of the Nexus leads to a vision of Levania, twisted and corrupted with a massive Void-like rift in the skies above it. In this reality, AJ, Nagihiko, Mal and Brayden succumbed to Kothal's madness and became his heralds in place of Scyva, successfully summoning Kothal and beginning to merge the material realm with the Void. The Anchors of this branch are the Twilight Council, consisting of AJ, Nagihiko, Mal, and Brayden.

Vision of the Dark Future[edit]

The center-left branch leads to a vision of an alternate timeline in which numerous Guardians betrayed the Light. In this reality, Ana Bray had succumbed to the Darkness and allied with a corrupt Eris Morn and the forces of the Hive and Vex. They are the Anchors of this branch.

Vision of the Wrathborn[edit]

The center-right branch leads to a vision of the Moon, where Xivu Arath's forces had succeeded in enthralling the Fallen, Hive, and Cabal forces. In this reality, the High Celebrant managed to transform Osiris into a Wrathborn. The High Celebrant and Osiris are the Anchors of this branch.

Vision of Legion[edit]

The upper right branch leads to a vision of a newly modified version of The Almighty, where Ghaul managed to harvest the Traveler's light and annihilated the Solar System, crowning himself as the Lightbringer and leading a crusade against the Pyramids. He is the Anchor of this branch.

Vision of ??[edit]

The lower right branch leads to a vision of (TBA)

Vision of Clarity[edit]

The bottom right branch leads to a vision of the Morning Star installation above Europa. In this reality, the AI of the installation had been awakened, and plans on conquering the Sol System with an army of Exo soldiers. An Exo version of Clovis Bray is the anchor of this branch.

Vision of Unification[edit]

The bottom left branch leads to a vision of The Terminus within the Ishtar Sink of Venus. In this reality, the Kell, Joskaa, is a Guardian and attempts to stop Skolas, Kell of Kells and Seriviks conquer the Citadel and utilize the Vex to pull the entire House of Wolves through time. Skolas is the anchor of this branch.

Palace of Entropy[edit]

Scyva's Throne[edit]

Survive the Material Void's Collapse[edit]

Domain of Kothal[edit]

Prestige Walkthrough[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Although the House of Lions, Twilight Council, Dark Guardians, Wrathborn, Red Legion, Shadowkeepers, Exos, and House of Wolves are the main Anchors of the Nexus's 8 branches, there are a few branches that are available only in Prestige Mode.

Vision of Betrayal[edit]

Vision of the Fall[edit]

Vision of [REDACTED][edit]



Normal Mode

Prestige Mode

  • TBA


Normal Mode

Prestige Mode

  • TBA

Other Rewards[edit]