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Adventurer (formerly), Kell (currently)


Only this website.

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why you ask?

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I'm the Kell of Lions, I bow to no one (unless it's the Kell of Kells). If you are a friend or associate of mine, good. If not, why are you here then?, hmmm

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Star Wars: Attack of Clones, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Endgame.


favorite (Soundtracks): Destiny chronologies, Destiny Shield Brother Ost, and Destiny Darkblade Ost.

Music: (soundtracks): The Come Up, Digi G'Alessio, Morocco, Not for Nothing, Otis Mcmusic, Ark.

favorite (Songs): In the Wild Ellis x Miss Mary, Never Gonna, Body Gold, On & On

Video games

Destiny, Nascar Heat 2, and Lego Battles: Ninjago, F1 2018 game, F1 2019 game, Enter the Gungeon.


Fries, Cheese Burgers, and Pizza, Ice Cream, Goldfish (regular and pretzel kind) and Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites, Twinkies.


Fanta (orange), Sprite, Ether, Root Beer

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

The cool destiny music such as the destiny chronologies or Aksor when he leaves out of his capsule.

Worst Destiny moment

When you die, the Fallen getting taken by Oryx, and cayde-6's death (why does he had to die......).

Anything else

6 F1 titles for Lewis Hamiltion, YES!

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So I thought of a idea of wadanohara and destiny 2 the house of dusk got a new ally called the Dusk Sect (hive) and a new Enemy house of Sharks lead by Sal (the main villian from wadanohara)


I also one time found in donpachi the game there was a bee pick up gives more points


Making the banner of house of hibachi you can use a photo of hibachi or make one from scratch


So the house was hated by dusk due to norlan Assassinated Godwin Longhener who was with Dusk when Norlan the yarkora think he wants to frame the bees to cause another civil war like how the tigers did


Here’s the link. Really interesting stuff, check it out. Anyways if you ever wanna contact me. Hit me up on discord.


Any idea for the house of Hibachi


After the guardian and his yarkora ally Norlan kills Schwarlitz Longhener,the house of Dusk will blames the House of Hibachi for the murder of Schwarlitz Longhener,due to a note left wrote in Yarkora Language causing them to bring a war between the dusk and House Hibachi but as it turned out dusk won due to Hibachi having a weak leadership and their “kell” Godwin Longhener was excuted by the Dusk the House of Hibachi was alway hated by the Dusk the Color of the House of Hibachi is Shown to be yellow and Black like Hibachi (the boss from dondonpachi),there base for the house of Hibachi is Bastion in mars


The house of bees is also known as house of Hibachi(the bee and final boss of donpachi series)


So any donpachi detail for destiny universe like the Schwarlitz Longhener allying himself to house of dusk and creating a dusk group call house of bees led by Godwin Longhener