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Adventurer (formerly), Kell (currently)



Places I've lived

why you ask?

About me

I'm the Kell of Lions, I bow to no one (unless it's the Kell of Kells). If you are a friend or associate of mine, good. If not why are you here then?, hmmm

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Personal information

Star Wars: Attack of Clones, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Endgame.


favorite (Soundtracks): Destiny chronologies, Destiny Shield Brother Ost, and Destiny Darkblade Ost.

Music: (soundtracks): The Come Up, Digi G'Alessio, Morocco, Not for Nothing, Otis Mcmusic, Ark.

favorite (Songs): In the Wild Ellis x Miss Mary, Never Gonna, Body Gold, On & On

Video games

Destiny, Nascar Heat 2, and Lego Battles: Ninjago, F1 2018 game, F1 2019 game.


Fries, Cheese Burgers, and Pizza, Ice Cream, Goldfish (regular and pretzel kind) and Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites


Fanta (orange), Sprite

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

The cool destiny music such as the destiny chronologies or Aksor when he leaves out of his capsule.

Worst Destiny moment

When you die, the Fallen getting taken by Oryx, and cayde-6's death (why does he had to die......).

Anything else

I love MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah....DON'T give me those gifts on the Destinypedia page, because i'm don't how did your able to get it, or how does it work and I may not have some stuff for it that gift..(sorry).

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Know this rouge guardian was found by yadde and one of the lion scouts the rouge guardian has no ghost but he gets revived by some magic, the spider and Izvoshra(the kaleesh guardian) made a large bounty on him the reward is classified presumed that the spider have blueprints to make the up9 pistol


Nvm so i though of the fallen in hoth they allied with a rouge guardian and his gun was a up9


So I made up a joke mission but it’s canon to the fan fiction universe it’s in a school


Hey, sorry about that that, I was busy with something.


Hey, sorry about that that, I was busy with something.


I’ll let you meet my rakata guardian


Tell me what you know about him I’ll show you to meet him


It was used in the rakata language


You can make up a name of a rakata like I used for the kaleesh guardian was a word from the kaleesh language for the rakata guardian was Darr tah


One kaleesh guardian was Izvoshra