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About me

I am Joskaa, the Kell of Lions. I stumbled upon here, after a tip from a friend of mine, My first edit, was finding a page with a (somewhat) nerve racking error, that someone need to fix. Now, I fix small edits from Fallen character pages, as well as making my House known among this site. Now, move along if you don’t want to be here, or like to speak to me about edits, and Fan Fiction related to my House, you can speak to me, on my talk page, or talk to me on my board. May God’s, the Prime’s , or (whatever Gods you people worship, if you have one), blessings be upon you.

Hobbies & interests

(Movies): Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Endgame. (TV Shows): Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, The Office (Music): [Soundtracks]: Destiny chronologies, Destiny Shield Brother Ost, Destiny Darkblade Ost, Destiny OST End of Line, Destiny OST Betrayer, and Destiny OST Shadow Thief

[Soundtracks outside Gaming]: The Come Up, Digi G'Alessio, Morocco, Not for Nothing, Otis Mcmusic, Ark.

[Actual Favorite Song]: In the Wild Ellis x Miss Mary, Never Gonna, Body Gold, On & On, RICKROLL

(Video Games): Destiny, Nascar Heat 2, and Lego Battles: Ninjago, F1 2018 game, F1 2019 game, Enter the Gungeon.

(Favorite Food): Fries, Cheese Burgers, and Pizza, Ice Cream, Goldfish (regular and pretzel kind), Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites, Twinkies, and Graham Crackers.

(Favorite Drinks): Fanta (orange), Sprite, Ether, and Root Beer

Favorite Destiny moment

Aksor coming out of his Capsule and BIG BOI SERVITOR being seen in the Beyond Light Trailer.

Worst Destiny moment

Cayde-6’s and BIG BOI SERVITOR’s death, Reksis Vahn killing the Wolves’s remaining Servitors. Seeing the Defiled Servitors as it is so sad, and Killing Aksor

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Sorry about the bit on Valir's page. Someone had put in "Putting WWE to shame", so I fixed it.


Wanna work on the history sections for that page?


While you do that, anything you wanna fill in on the page?


Hi. Wanna take a look at the Shadowkeeper page? If so, leave opinions on the comments.


The indented bullet point takes the place of saying Destiny 2 again.