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Champion (Master)


Vow of the Disciple

Combat information


SolarS.png Scorn Blaster


SolarS.png Absorption Shields (Normal)
SolarS.png Ether Torch (Normal)
VoidS.png Ether-Shield (Master)
ArcS.png Ether-Bind (Master)
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Scorn Melee
Rapid Ability Regeneration (Master)
Health Regeneration (Master)
Hide Glyphs


The Glyphkeepers are Major Scorn Chieftains that appear in the Sunken Pyramid.[1]


Glyphkeepers appear in the Vow of the Disciple Raid, during the Acquisition, Exibition and Dominion encounters. They are tasked with hiding the Glyphs that the fireteam needs to see to progress the encounters. They fight much like normal Solar Chieftains, blasting with their weapons and controlling space with their Ether Totems.

In the first encounter, two will appear in the room indicated by the second glyph that appears on a column. Only the one on the side indicated by the third glyph needs to be killed, and its glyph is the one that needs to be looked for on the totems once three Glyphkeepers are killed.

In the third encounter, a Glyphkeeper will spawn paired with a Resonant Glyphkeeper. Once it is dead, it will leave behind three symbols that can only be seen by a Guardian without a relic. In subsequent rooms, the Glyphkeeper will appear once pairs of Ravenous Taken Hobgoblins have been killed, and they serve the same function. The side on which the Glyphkeeper spawns is randomized.

In the final encounter, the Glyphkeeper will spawn on the right side, and reveal symbols on the right column that can only be seen by players without Leeching or Emanating Force. Another Glyphkeeper will appear to restart the process if the team loses all the holders of Leeching Force.

In the Master version of the raid, they become Overload Chieftains, though they retain their name.

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