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Mallum, the Scarlet King
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The Scarlet King
Crimson Monarch
Red Khan
First of the Tarnished
Lord of the Scarlet Flame
Lord of Blood
Bloodied Blasphemer
Dread from Below the Depths
He Who had Risen from Blood
Risen from Blood
God of Chaos and Ruin
The Forsaken Hive
Defiler of Light and Life
Defiler of Darkness and Death


The Nephilim





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The Tarnished
Cult of Blood


Scarlet King




Mallum, the Scarlet King is a Sovereign and Lich hybrid and first of the Tarnished. An primordial entity of unknown origin, he would be given form by the Hive God of Forge through studies and melding minds with the primordial Darkness of the the Veil. Mallum would become a powerful adversary to Shin'ra and its ancient power rivaling that of the Witness.


Primordial Origins[edit]

Much like the Light and Dark, Mallum seems to exist as a primordial entity, however untethered by both forces and acts on his own. Legends claim him to be the Lord of Blood who defiled the first lifeforms in the universe and using their dead as his own puppets. He would be known as the scourge of the universe and the fabled Scarlet King to the point that others would seek to extinguish him from existence, only to understand that his existence was based off of belief and that he had no form in the physical universe, making the early life of the universe shun his name and banishing him.

Undeterred, Mallum would persist in the beginning years and bore witness to the arrival of the Traveler to the Witness's precursors and their later acquisition of the Veil and attempted enactment of the Final Shape. This gave Mallum the idea to move his essence into the physical universe.

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