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Focal world(s):

The Nephilim

At war with:

Weavers of Sorrow


Undead amalgams of Hive and unknown biological structures

Notable individuals:

Mallum, First of the Tarnished


The Tarnished are a Hive subspecies made from undead Hive merged with the unknown biology that makes up the first of the Tarnished, Mallum. The species were originally created by merging Hive minds with through studies made by Shin'ra by using the primordial Darkness of the Veil and the entity known as Mallum. Through the newfound power, the deathly corruption of Mallum is capable of turning others into Tarnished by a mere touch or by focusing his power through the dead.





The Chained Blood[edit]

Tarnished Champions[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Skiver— Similar in to Thrall, they mostly charge at enemy combatants. Due to the corruption of the Scarlet King, they sport a new spiked appearance and crawl on all fours and move in far greater speeds.
  • Apostle— Similar to Cursed Thrall, however they are slow and overgrown with the Scarlet King's corruption. Upon death, Apostles leave behind a pool of lingering corruption, similar to Fanatic's but deals far more damage and the pool is far larger.
  • Drudge— Fast and nimble sharpshooters, akin to Scorn Stalkers and regular Hive Acolytes.
  • Barbarian— Cloaking Knight-like entities covered in broken chains and baring a face mask. Commonly seen wielding a wicked blade and only becomes viewable when striking at opponents.
  • Enchanter— Flying Knight-like entities that wield powerful magic given to them by the corruption of the Scarlet King. Known for their barraging void energy, fast movement in the air and larger health pools
  • Ripper— Grounded Wizards that act as enforcers on the battlefield and wield heavy weaponry to devastate their foes. Armed with lower health pools and an elemental shield.
  • Troll— Ogres mutated by the Scarlet King's power, giving them a more grotesque appearance and far greater power of Void energy through their tremoring strength.
  • Sovereign— Powerful Commanders of an unknown and unique morph of Hive biology. Comparable to Ascendant Knights, they are capable of strengthening the Tarnished by their presence alone.
  • Lich— The Necromancers of the Tarnished, Liches are capable of resurrecting fallen Tarnished from the dead, enraging them in the process while firing barrages of solar energy.

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