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Abhorrent Brood


Serve the Cult Wizards
Spread the influence of a godless hierarchy


Blackborne Twins
Il Daruun, Death Unsung
Ir Darkath, Ruin Waker
Errant Knight



At war with:

House of Dusk
Red Legion
Imperial Cabal
Lucent Brood

Allied with:

Weavers of Sorrow (temporary)


War of Salvation
Clash of the Chosen
Hunt for the Lost
Lucent War
Search for Nezarec's Relics


"Many of the Hidden have claimed that the insurgence in Old Russia has led to newer morphs of the Hive unlike any seen before."
— Unknown Hidden Agent

The Abhorrent Brood is an aspiring Hive Sect, distinguishable by their similar color scheme, armor and weaponry to the original servants of the Witch Queen. Formed after the death of Crota, Oryx and later Navôta, the brood seeks to make their claimant on the Cosmodrome and to spread a godless hierarchy amongst the Hive.


Cult of the Damned[edit]

Shortly after the events of the Red War, a group of Cult Wizards stumbled upon the broken broods of the Hive within the Cosmodrome, more specifically those who crept within the Grottos. While they weren't official leaders, they began to plan and float the idea of creating a new army to conquer Earth and claim it for themselves rather than the gods that the Hive once worshipped. This idea would be the foundation in which the Abhorrent Brood would grow and swell in numbers while the Cosmodrome would still be within its quarantined state

The Forgotten Shore, below lies the Abhorrent breeding grounds

Blackborne Slaughter[edit]

Sometime following the events of Forsaken, the Abhorrent Brood came across a forgotten sector of the Cosmodrome which had been infested by dozens of Seeder Ships. While investigating one of these said ships they had unexpectedly awoken the twin Blackborne Knights, Yunaith and Ketrox. While the brood attempted to induct them into their ranks, the Knights however had different plans and had slaughtered all those that stood before them, referring to the event as the Blackborne Slaughter.

The Cult Wizards scrambled to wrangle the dissident Knights from causing even further bloodshed. They would succeed in calming the two Knights from their crude awakening. They would offer the Knights a position within the Abhorrent Brood so they wouldn't have to tithe to any higher power, but to instead grow fro themselves while their underlings tithes to them. They would agree to this bargain from the Cult Wizards and become the Brood's Knight champions.

Internal Schisms[edit]

During the events of the war against the House of Salvation, Navôta, a Spawn of Eir, revealed herself to the malcontent Hive of the Cosmodrome, seeking to claim leadership over them. Her actions against the new light Guardians however gave her unneeded attention in which she would slowly begin to lose the favor of the Hive. The Cult Wizards of the Abhorrent Brood temporarily allied themselves with Navôta's rival, Ak-Baral in order to turn the Cosmodrome Hive against her.

Navota, the Spawn of Eir

Following Navôta's subsequent death, the Abhorrent Brood severed their ties with Ak-Baral, who would also die to the hands of the Guardians. There they would claim the lair of Navôta's rival in order to construct a massive cave system under the Cosmodrome in order to spread their influence. The Labyrinth itself would also give the Abhorrent Brood access to the Warmind Bunker of the Cosmodrome and plunder it of its secrets.

Solis Incident[edit]

Seeking out tithes to grow their power, the Cult Wizards would set a trap for unsuspecting Guardians to delve into their lair in the Grottos and claim their Light. They set the trap by summoning the Blackborne Twins in the Refinery which had brought the attention of the Vanguard who sent a Fireteam of six, codenamed Fireteam Solis, to investigate the disturbance.

Falling for the trap, the Fireteam would get to the Refinery, fighting against the near endless swarm of the Hive that emerged from the Grottos. The Blackborne Twins would retreat into the Grottos, tricking the Guardians to follow directly into their trap. Now locked behind a manifested barrier, the Cult Wizards used the deaths of the Hive to summon Alarvak, Hammer of the Abhorrent, a massive Ogre that would tear through he Guardians and their Light. The death of the Fireteam would force the Vanguard to set up a restriction to the Grottos, quarantining it from any further expeditions in the potential future.

Chosen Retribution[edit]

The Abhorrent Brood would come into conflict with the Cabal when Val Ma'rag assaulted the Hive breeding grounds at the Skywatch and Lunar Complexes. The Abhorrent Brood released some of their more powerful enforcers and disrupters to slow the Cabal's advance and to trick them into a similar situation as Fireteam Solis.

Val Ma'rag's attempt at vengeance against the Abhorrent Brood

However a Fireteam of Guardians, seeking to stop Ma'rag's mission to join Empress Caiatl's War Council, would learn of the Cabal's mission for vengeance for their home world. They would break through the Cabal blockades and kill the enforcers of the Abhorrent Brood, eventually reaching Val Ma'rag who had locked himself within a barrier as he fought against a horde of Hive on his own. Issuing the Rite of Proving against him, the Guardians would defeat Ma'rag and his forces along with some of the straggling Abhorrent Brood.

Grasp of Avarice[edit]

Their battle against Ma'rag did bear some fruits, as the mass death created by the Brood, Cabal and Guardians would allow the Cult Wizards to manifest a new abomination, Phry'zhia, the Insatiable. The Ogre would act as the means to show the malcontent Hive of the Cosmodrome of the Cult Wizards' power. Phry'zhia would become the vehicle for further assaults against the leaderless Dusk forces to claim further territory for the Brood.

Phry'zhia, the Insatiable Ogre

At an unknown point, the Ogre would become overwhelmed by an estranged power that laid deep below the Skywatch. Greed and avarice would slowly consume the Ogre, driving it aimless and mad, forcing the Cult Wizards to abandon their control over it and instead unleash it upon the Fallen that would lay claim to the chasms deep below the Exodus Ships.

A Fireteam of Guardians, seeking to understand the estranged Icons of Excess, would investigate the fabled "Loot Cave," which was under siege by the Hive. They would find that the Abhorrent Brood had been stealing Cursed Engrams that had been corrupted by the Icons of Excess. They would fight through the hordes of Hive and bands of Fallen to reach the collapsed Exodus Craft and find the corrupted Ogre. Using the very Cursed Engrams the Brood stole, they would vanquish the Insatiable Ogre and bring its torment to an end.

The Lucent War[edit]

During the events of the Lucent War, the forces of the Lucent Brood would stoke the forces of the Abhorrent Brood within the Cosmodrome, and retaliated against their efforts to claim the lives of new light Guardians. The Lucent forces would be repelled to The Divide and The Breach, but were left undeterred when the forces of the House of Dusk intervened to wrest control of their territory from the Hive forces.

Shortly after the end of the Lucent War, Abhorrent forces would call forth members of the Weavers of Sorrow within the depths of the Grottos for communion. Shin'ra, the leader of the Weavers would send one of his Ambassadors and some of their Hive followers as a means to recommence for the loss of Hive during the war. This communion would fall short when the Vanguard would learn of this mass ritual of communion and orchestrated a Takedown to end the ritual between the two broods. The failure of the communion dismayed the Abhorrent Brood from allying with the Weavers, which inevitably led to the banishment of the Weaver's forces by the Cult Wizards from the loss of potential tribute.

Expeditions of the Depths[edit]

Guardians battle against the Abhorrent Brood for lost treasures

Tainting SIVA[edit]


Abhorrent Champions
Abhorrent Envoys
Presumed Members

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Cursed Thrall




The Vagabond


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