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High Forge


Ascendant Plane

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The High Forge, also known as the Court of Shin'ra and the Court of the Maker, is the Throne World of Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker. A Throne World that invokes the idea of Shin'ra's Final Shape, Perfection Eternal, it serves as a realm that holds near perfect copies of the worlds that the Hive has previously encountered, conquered or destroyed.


The appearance of the High Forge is unlike other Throne Worlds encountered, placing it on various planets that exist in Shin'ra's pocket of the Ascendant Plane. These planets include Fundament, home world of the Hive, Riis, the Eliksni home world and even Torobatl, the Cabal home world. They appear in a perpetual state in their Golden Ages, Fundament before the Hive arose, Riis when the Traveler blessed the Eliksni and Torobatl during its thousand year reign of Emperor Calus.

While the Fallen and Cabal see it as a disgrace and sacrilege of their home worlds, Shin'ra however made them in their Golden Ages to be the exact opposite. He believed that he wanted to rebuild the worlds and hold them in their Golden Ages after the Witness concluded its own iteration of the Final Shape, and then rebuild the species that once ruled over the worlds from scratch.

The High War is continuously patrolled by the realm's version of the Maker's Tomb Carrier, the Nephilim, almost acting as a "shark on hunting in shallow waters" for unwanted visitors of the domain. Its actions and motives seem to make it more alive than a simple armament for Shin'ra to control, even possessing the ability to manifest a loud and almost metallic roar when hunting prey.


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